Monday, 18 January 2010

Men are from Mars. Women are from Venus.

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Girls are complicated... well because... come on its like asking why is the sky blue. it just is.  In fact women are pretty simple to understand. Once u know their likes, dislikes, tricks they like to play and habits they become like a book, easy to read.

 Maybe complicated isnt the right word. Some girls are just playing games, some are trying to keep boys on their toes, some are trying to be mysterious (or whatever bullcrap they read to do in a magazine to be flirtatious and captivating) and there is still the category of those who like to intentionally give mixed signals  Others still are simply erratic or dont know that they are giving off mixed signals. Or just plain crazy or difficult.This all adds, correctly and incorrectly, to the idea that women are complicated or have issues ( as some would like to put it).

If it makes you feel better women also always ask why men are so complicated. So its a two way street. I guess it just hard for different sexes to understand the other. We see things differently.

I dont think this is a good enough answer for this but seriously most people in life are complicated, male or female. Everyone is walking around, carrying their baggage with a personal sob story. If u think about it like that then things arent so complicated, maybe. But girls do have mood swings so it can be complicated

Basically, we're just wired differently. I know it's frustrating for men to try and understand women, but I have learned that it is just as frustrating for women to try and understand men. Experience is the key, in my opinion.

Why do guys act so stupid? its one of thoose answers we will never know and guys are just as bad as girls cuz girls can tell them something really deep and they dont even care its annoying, just figure out your partner thats the whole point of a relationship duhh...

When she is mad, say "I'm sorry" even if you don't know what you did wrong,

 women are more emotional.and sometimes things they do is a result of hormons..or their politic.
its just something that makes the relationship worth being.u need to figure things out, the time of the month aswell make us really moody and we dont realise it till weve finished.

Psh, boys are the same sometimes!
We're only human. :|

p.s when a girl says its ok... it really isnt lol


  1. boys r so damn irritating, throw rocks at them

  2. we ladies are bot complex, its the men who are to porous in understanding, dumn bastards


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