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Monday, 29 March 2010

WTH Butiston....????

As Gerard Butler and Jen struck poses from the front, an enterprising photog got the real story from behind.

The pics were taken on the 
Seine River in Paris, during their tour hawking "The Bounty Hunter."

Looks like the hunter caught his prey., ok so is this genuine PDA (public display of affection) or a publicity stunt, since their movie is gettin poor ratings at the moment

Hahahaha, that picture totally caught me off guard. I think it's funny. All she would have had to do is swat his hand away but it looks like she (whoever SHE is) likes it. I would have slapped him silly! WTH is wrong with her? Embarrassing to say the least!! How tacky. He is acting like a horny teenager who hasn't been slapped silly by his girlfriend for the first time, so he doesn't realize it is downright tacky to act that way in public.
He's definately "hittin that". No man would be allowed to plug me from behind if he hasn't already seen me naked.
So are they together or not cause im getting tired off there up down answers.......

Wednesday, 24 March 2010



Five months before their July 17th wedding, model/actress Eva Marcille, 25, and actor Lance Gross, 28, have split up. I  literally dropped all my coursework to post this... like seriously can you believe this????

Ok so im not sure whether to be surprised because during the cause of the year i read that they were on the rocks on two separate occasions, and quite frankly i thought their relationship was more for the public eye as to true love.

Ok so mixed emotions at the moment..... quite disappointed because they were like one of my favourite celeb couples (even though it did look rather vain) they still looked hot together but as we can see its not always about the looks....

Happy because his free...which is so dumb because we shall never be :( but the fact that he is now single brings joy to my heart lool

ahhhh  SMH  follow the link to read more about it .......



Saturday, 20 March 2010

hiyaaaaaaaa blogvillle

happy weekend people,
im sooo tempted to open a Twitter account.... ive been rather sad for the past two days and been following people but i actually dont have an account, i guess im waiting for the right time or rather im scared no1 will folow me lool
anywho since i had a mega packed work filled week i decided to give myself a break this weekend... had the whole day to myself made myself some nice designer stew (hot fiery stew) and ive just been chillin at home in my peejays watching lots of films.....

im just lazing around and havent got much to say today.... have a great sunday 2mrw
peace and love

Friday, 19 March 2010

Whitney Houston Interview,,,,,,

Interview with Whitney Houston, why isn't there a proper interviewer? anyway that's besides the point

I am so team Whit right about now…I love Whitney, Great interview! I enjoyed hearing her viewpoint of the music industry today as seen through her eyes. She is a legend and has earned the right to give her opinion after 30yrs in the business

What I really enjoyed is seeing how humbled she seemed. She really seems touched that her fans stayed with her. Every clip that I have seen her performing she says thanks you for your support, love and prayers.

Whitney made a really good point…. where is the music??? we don’t want the younger generation  looking up on Beyonce’s close to naked clothes and they think its alright to dress like that and the music about SEX!!!! As she said” Where is the Love”?

 Do you think RIRI, Gaga will be around in the next 5 years plus??? They are only in the now not forever, think about it people!!!! Remember what Whitney had said” WHERE IS THE LOVE IN MUSIC”?? It has obviously disappeared.
What I really enjoyed is seeing how humbled she seemed. She really seems touched that her fans stayed with her. Every clip that I have seen her performing she says thanks you for your support, love and prayers.

I got allot out of it and information about her that I never knew before. She seems to be in a great place by now. 

Friday, 12 March 2010


Hello Hello Hello
i dunno bout you but i couldnt wait for the Telephone Music Video: Lady Gaga Ft. Beyonce!!!
I soo love it, it is EPIIIIIIIIICCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC !!!!!!, the video is Genius, its kinda cool seeing Beyonce in Gaga's world lol, i like it 100% better than 'Video Phone'. Im sure it will win video of the year because of the two people involved! not even that i think it greats, i do feel like Beyonces verse was much better doe, but lol at her acting skills

 Beyonce can actually match Lady Gaga and vice versa. Beyonce stepped it down to GAGA’s level!!! The craziness that we know as Lady Gaga, Beyonce was able to meet her there and make it her own.

That was the wierdest thing i ever seen .. i think they tried  hard to be diffrent  and it really worked, … still iconic, ive watched it like three times already and i still dont get it lol????

Very Creative!!!

Sunday, 7 March 2010

hahahaha, if i recieved money for every time i sed im back i wud be nearly rich by now lol, my inconsitency is rather appauling at times.... blame it on 'The University of Hertfordshire' for over burdening me with so much work :(

This is my first post since the whole 'Cheryl Cole n Ashley Cole' Madness, i would just like to congratualte n jubilate (fresh i know lol) with Cheryl on her decision made.....
Im so against cheating, and wife beating like stuff like that really does get me mad.... he is even lucky he got a 2nd chance  the douchebag!!What she ever saw in him is totally beyond me. He's just a petulant and sulky

You get married and say those vows and promise to work through your problems together, through thick and thin! The last thing you should do it hurt the person you love. Ok we all make mistakes..... but he went over board

No one said marriage was going to be easy...you work at it!! I dont know one married couple that have never hit a bit of a rough patch and to run around with your pants down seems a ridiculous way of dealing with your problems.

Best thing ive heard  during the whole thing '5 problems...1 solution'
Ashley cheated with 5 women, the one solution? divorce.  that is quality talk.