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Saturday, 30 January 2010

Whos ur stylist????

LOVE ME SOME KELIS but this is a no no! Even if Beyonce or anyone else wore it  i still won’t like it… I understand taking risks but she looks ridiculous!

 Kelis attended The First Annual Data Awards in Hollywood.......

Those eyelashes are not cute, the face chains are not cute, the crown.. ??? she looks an absolute wreck!!! 
 I’m sorry but she just looks stupid here. It’s not artistic, it’s not cute, it’s not ~edgy. Just plain stupid.
 she’s tryna show up Lady GaGa, and it’s so painfully obvious. She had more style and originality back in the days of “I Hate You So Much Right Now.”

everyone is like  'oh why we hating on Kelis, if Gaga wore it it would be acceptable' erm escuse me regardless of who wore it, this is not fashion or couture this is a Halloween costume.

Monday, 25 January 2010

rich ass kids!!!!!

Justin Dior Combs at his 16th birthday party at M2 Ultra Lounge on Saturday night (January 23rd) in NYC.
Must be nice when your daddy is rich! What the hell is Misa wearing she looks wrong. Rev Runs sons are soo cute!!
Misa Hylton-Brim

Sean "Diddy" Combs and son Justin Dior Combs

 Diggy and Jojo

Stuff like this, and Sweet Sixteen on MTV can psychologically damage a younger audience than myself.  Even I cant help but feel depressed after watching the show and seeing pictures like these. I dont mind that my sweet 16 wasnt 400,000 pounds. Sure its sucks not being able to get everything I want. But more sadly, I'm left thinking, god these kids are brats and it just sends out a really awful message. 

I can see it being a problem for younger teens to see the show because they might think that treating people in that manner is ok, or think that their lives aren't good enough if they don't get those material things. 

Monday, 18 January 2010

67th Annual Golden Globes Award

I guess it was an eventful weekend with the 67th  Annual Global Globes Award and the 3rd annual BET honours, it looked good this year and judging from what ive seen there are no fashion crisis....Jennifer Hudson...beautifull, whoever styled her did an amazing job..... Whitney...you gotta love her, Mo'nique forgot to shave her legs...and she proud of that?????? Its a shame they got rained on :( .... lol Diddys mum will never get it right would she??, Gabrielle Union looked stunning as well......
a few pictures from the event including pictures from the honour awards  .....

click on the link to check out he hairy legs http://concreteloop.com/2010/01/events-the-67th-annual-golden-globes/was2811699

Actress Gabourey Sidibe

Gabourey Sidibe

Halle Berry in the press room

Halle Berry

Mo'Nique and husband Sidney Hicks

Mo'nique and hubby

Singer/actress Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon (aka Do-Boy)

Mariah and her toyboy

Singer Leona Lewis

Leona Lewis

Whitney Houston excepts the BET Honor for entertainment

Whitney Houston

Jennifer Hudson (R) performs for Whitney Houston (L) during the 2010 BET Honors

Jennifer Hudson

Janice Combs and Sean "Diddy" Combs arrive

P Diddy and his mother

Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle Union

Men are from Mars. Women are from Venus.

womanproblem.jpg image by hendane
Girls are complicated... well because... come on its like asking why is the sky blue. it just is.  In fact women are pretty simple to understand. Once u know their likes, dislikes, tricks they like to play and habits they become like a book, easy to read.

 Maybe complicated isnt the right word. Some girls are just playing games, some are trying to keep boys on their toes, some are trying to be mysterious (or whatever bullcrap they read to do in a magazine to be flirtatious and captivating) and there is still the category of those who like to intentionally give mixed signals  Others still are simply erratic or dont know that they are giving off mixed signals. Or just plain crazy or difficult.This all adds, correctly and incorrectly, to the idea that women are complicated or have issues ( as some would like to put it).

If it makes you feel better women also always ask why men are so complicated. So its a two way street. I guess it just hard for different sexes to understand the other. We see things differently.

I dont think this is a good enough answer for this but seriously most people in life are complicated, male or female. Everyone is walking around, carrying their baggage with a personal sob story. If u think about it like that then things arent so complicated, maybe. But girls do have mood swings so it can be complicated

Basically, we're just wired differently. I know it's frustrating for men to try and understand women, but I have learned that it is just as frustrating for women to try and understand men. Experience is the key, in my opinion.

Why do guys act so stupid? its one of thoose answers we will never know and guys are just as bad as girls cuz girls can tell them something really deep and they dont even care its annoying, just figure out your partner thats the whole point of a relationship duhh...

When she is mad, say "I'm sorry" even if you don't know what you did wrong,

 women are more emotional.and sometimes things they do is a result of hormons..or their politic.
its just something that makes the relationship worth being.u need to figure things out, the time of the month aswell make us really moody and we dont realise it till weve finished.

Psh, boys are the same sometimes!
We're only human. :|

p.s when a girl says its ok... it really isnt lol

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Zip Crisis......

Happy Sunday Blogville!!
I went church today and boy was i blessed.....
so i have a question... i was talking to some dude after church and i couldnt help but notice that his zipper was undone ( i dont know how my eyes got there, so dont ask lol) omg it was so uncomfortable, i was battling with myself  if i should tell him or not..... eventually i didnt.

it feels really awkward telling a guy his zip is undone, i mean  I would defently tell my husband. And my kids if they had there zipper down. Im not sure I would tell a stranger.

If you saw a guy with his zipper undone...would you tell him? Let's talk about?

Saturday, 16 January 2010


Go on... i dare you
Ask me anything anonymously

Can guy and Girls really be friends??

I always thought it was possible, I had quite a few male friends at high school,at the time it seemed like a normal friendship, but after a few years I had a luck to find out some of them had a secret crush on me and that totally spoiled our relationship.. 

but suprisingly I've also had some male friends after high school, but sooner or later it proved that there can be such thing as a pure friendship between a girl and a boy.. 

its a Yes and no kinda situation, If there is no attraction to each other then yes, but if one or the other has some attraction then it may cause some problems in the friendship.

And no because one individual will always have stronger feelings about the 'friendship' than the other person. It's that extra feeling that will always get in the way.

I also think its  about knowing your boundries, if your a hi bye person then yh it can work, but when the freindship begins to develop into late night calls, speaking every single minute, letting the person in to alot of things then something is bound to happen.

What is suprising that while we (girls) tend to think girls and boys can be just friends, boys usually think the oposite! Try to ask around.. I think it tells a lot

I asked one of my girls and this is what she had to say: Yeh, boys & girls can be good friends. One of my best friends is a guy & nothing has ever happened or will because we dont fancy each other simple as. Of course it does occasionally happen that one person likes the other but you can still be friends as long as boundaries are known.

yes and no.......I dont know, i was about to be like everyone else and just say yes of course duh they can just be friends. but than i acuatlly thought about it, i really am not to sure anymore. i feel like someone always wants something else. i dont really know...its a  good question maybe it works only if they're not interested in each other, but i have male friend and we are pretty close and nothing has occoured or can ever happen lol.

What is your experience with this?
p.s i love that picture, it may be irrelevant to the post but yh lol .......

Why Keri????

Like seriously im not even being a hater but please what has music turned to now a days....isnt there anything eles to sing about apart from SEX..... i mean the beat is decent enough for some good lyrics and bars...  and is this what it has turned to Keri?? ...*sighs* and as for Piles ..... lol

anyways that aside Keri Hilson is really looking pretty.....
check the video below what do you think??

Congratulations Girl!!!!

Mo’Nique was nominated for the Best Supporting actress Award at the 15th Annual Critics’ Choice Movie Awards and she won. Congratulations Mo’Nique , Great job, Monique! I think she was very deserving
She looks great, although she could have put some earrings on ....just saying :)

Friday, 15 January 2010

Leona caught in Gun Drama

Last night, Leona and her posse were on their way to LAX. As they were exiting their car, two armed criminals came charging at them, as they were fleeing from police following a high speed chase.
I cant help but laugh lool.... obviously not at the incident but at the fact that trouble seems to have no problem finding this chick.

First she gets punched up at her own books signig

then she fall of her horse
now thiss lol

Poor poor thing

Shaken: Leona Lewis just hours after the frightening chase in LA

Long distance relationships

Long distances relationships can come around in a number of ways. Maybe you met your partner and started dating them when they moved away to university or a new job, maybe you met them at university and in the holidays they go home or maybe you have always been apart. Whatever the case may be having a partner who isn’t near you most of the time is hard.
I'm a firm believer that if both of you really want this to happen, you'll find a way.

it also depends on how you love and trust each other. if both of you have this i think it will work.
I think LDR can last long time if you love and trust each other. But then when the communication skills and trust start to waver, you will suffer for the distance, and it will be difficult to build a future together. Try to meet sometimes,if its a very long distance between you try every few months, or more often if you have money. And stay in contact, thank to technology : skype, msn, emails, facebook...

There are ways in which you can make LDR's work....

When you are seperated by distance , sometimes people change...ever so slightly And if too long of a time goes by , too much changing can occur . To the point where you both have changed so much over a period of time that one of you might have different needs.

That is usually one of the pitfalls of an LDR.

The best therapy is to SEE eachother as often as its possible to do. So one of the persons does not change to the point that they don't need you in their life the way they used to. 

I think LDR's are hard on everyone. Anyone that says its easy is not being truthful.

on the flipside......

 long distance relationships may not work, especially if the couple stays apart for long periods of time. Feelings are like anything, they are born then they die at one point sometimes sudden death. Suddenly, you find yourself out of love with your partner or vice versa

 If its not another woman / man that will attract you were ever you are  ( there are lots of those), then its the commitment you put in and the anxiety that you will cause yourself when you think about your partner. Things like are they  being faithful? Can I commit? can I do better? What's the point? Be a realist, if you like them but don't want the pressure then break up and attempt to keep the friendship. 

Ive even hear people say that LDRs only satisfy commitment phobic individuals that deep down do not desire a real relationship lol. 

Thanks to my girl Olamide Fassasi for giving me the idea to write about this xx


RIP Teddy P you will be missed. he made a lot of babies to his music lol, .Many kids are here today because of his sexy, soulful voice. He brought couples together and put them in a serious mood to get closer than close. LOL! 
r.i.p mr pendergrass gone but not forgotten, another musical legend is gone

Pat Robertson:Haiti had a pact with the devil

Alot of hate and controversy is flying about concerning what Pat Robertson said is the cause of the Haiti disaster, he said that the earthquake happened because the Haitians made a pact with the Devil in order to gain freedom from the French:

Either way…..We need to extend help. Those people weren’t alive when the ‘pact’ happend, i rember a couple years back we learnt bout the Haiti people in Geography  and my teacher said that Haiti really wanted to win the war against the French and end captivity for good. Voodoo was done which included an animal sacrifce, and according to her, Haiti has been paying for this ever since. This is why they can never get ahead. There are people there who still practice Voodoo, and the people who have converted to Christianity are still afraid and superstitious of it.

I would certainly hope that  Robertson's comments would not be misconstrued as the feelings of all christians. We feel that what happened in Haiti is tragic along with being aware that many haitians do practice voodoo and other acts of the devil, but not all are that way. There are many christian haitians in that country. We pray for the people of Haiti to recover and find some solace in the devestating events that their country has suffered. 

Do some research and you’ll find out. BUT just becuase of that doesnt mean we shouldnt help. So people whatever you can do make an effort to help!!!!!!! And pray!!!

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Haiti tragedy

Please keep the people of Haiti in your prayers, the little they have has been taken away from them, over 100,000 have been feared dead, please support them in any way you can....prayers, donations etc.

Puts things in perspective when we are complaining about a lack of grit and our cars being stuck doesn't it, or if someone offended us. My Prayers are with people of Haiti, God give them strength to endure this tragedy

such a devastating tragedy! my heart & prayers go out to all the victims as well as the many Haitians in this country who are away from their families…R.I.P to the lost lives

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Katia dumps Basshunter '

The 21-year-old Russian model, who had a boyfriend when she entered the house, told the musician: 'I was thinking we need to stop this thing because it's not worth it in the end, and we're more friends anyway.

'Before it gets out of hand. I know I'll regret it because I really care about someone, and it's not worth it.'

But the former cocktail waitress later told former footballer Vinnie Jones that she ended it because she thought Jonas was 'too clingy' and his behaviour 'put me off'.

All my CBB watchers.... errm, i dont get it.  all like 'oh, i've got a boyfriend, i cant kiss you, oh boohoo' then the next minute shes snogging his face off. and jonas is the 'clingy' one?

This girl is unbelievable! She was the one making most of the moves on Jonas. She was only in the house 5 minutes and was already flirtatiously asking if she could wear his jacket, followed by that annoying dorky laugh of hers. She's a vile home-wrecking tramp who should enjoy her last few days in the house because her ass is gonna be out of there before you can say 'Ronnie Wood'.

i feel sorry for jonas, he was serious with her. she was playing with him all the time katia is so immature,she already has a bf, but she still started this silly game,and now dumped him.

I was open to liking Katia the first few days but she has shown what a totally selfish immature insecure irritating and cold person she truly is...she has played about with Jonas bitching behind his back to others about him and she has made no effort to get to know the older people in the house, she sits around doing nothing at all and frankly she has wasted any opportunity in there to show the public that she has anything at all to give and make her worthy of being in the public eye...she truly is an orchid as Stephanie says and I hope so much that the magazines will not fill any of thier pages with this waste of time person...I hope she is voted out and that it is the last we hear of her..

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

white woman pimping a black man

I know this issue has been going on for a couple of months now,  but the latest scandal involving him and a white woman.... i dont blame her shes clever his dumb, this is just Another white girl who will “come up” at the hands of a wealthy black man who can’t keep his vows straight nor his piece in his pants. The black man loves being exploited by white women but I bet he htinks he’s the one with the upper hand! he is looking so dumb right about now, from law suits to his mistress dealing with another NBA idiot

Shaq is stupid and is really getting me annoyed, first Tiger now Shaq... who next???
, why would he help some  random woman so she can gain fame? i really hate to bring race into this, but its a pattern that ii have been noticing with all these white women, alll they do is use black men. They will sleep with a black men and use him as a toy, if the black man has money then they might consider giving him a kid or two, then after a few years of marriage they file for divorce and collect their money and keep it moving……IT HAPPENS ALL OF THE TIME AND THESE BLACK MALE  STILL FALL FOR IT. pathetic.

Black men can be soo dumb at times they get caught up with these white chicks that would not even talk to them if it was not for there sports. 

Up close and Personalllll

Hello beautifull Ladies and Georgeous Gents,
hows the new week going so far..... the snow here in London is getting out of hand, before it was so pretty and pure and cute...but now EURGHH its all black and watery and muddy and so uncool.....
anyway so i had my first proper lecture today, and its good to be back...got feedback from all the tests and coursework i did prior to the Christmas break and i did so good, i cant believe it.... clap for me lol
Between now and mid Febuary i have a million and 1 things to hold down, Lord give me strength.....

I just want to share something with my sisters and brothers in the faith...this week i have been beliving God to do something for me, and I kinda put God to the test and i was like 'God if you do this for me on this day at this point in time, trust me ill give you this' i was proper praising and calling his names from A-Z and constantly worshipping ( not to say i dont usually do this, but it was more exagerrated because i wanted this particular thing) .....and to my suprise i didnt recive it.

I was kinda upset about it, but then something came to me  whilst i was in deep thought which was, why did i need to exaggerate my praise and worship because i wanted God to give me something, why cant everyday be a day of exaggerated Praise and Worship..after all that is what i was created to do, who knows maybe thats why i havent recived it yet, whose to say i wouldn't go back to my old ways when i receive what i requested, Gods not man he cannot be mocked.

 hmmm Food for Thought!!

So ive recived quite a few messages from people suggesting some topics that they would love me to write about, first of all thank you so much for taking time to read my blog i sooo appreciate it, secondly thanks for the suggestions i will defnetly get round to writting about it, and thirdly if you have any suggestions improvments, things you would love to see on here dont hesitiate to let me know...ill be more than happy to do that for you

love yall xxxxx

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Looks V Personality

When it comes to the rules of attraction we all appreciate different things. So what's more important to you - looks or personality?

Personality is important and alot further up my list thats for sure heck why would you want to spend time with someone if you cant have a decent conversation its not like you can spend the hours of a date just looking at eachother.

But we are all different and we all have qaulitys that others dont but thats just life if we were all same would'nt it be as dull as hell.

I am not denying that looks help but ive found very few men that are really pleasing to look at with amazing personalities this also relates to females, thats not to say they arent out there.

Regardless of your appearance, the most attractive thing you can offer others is the ability to relax and be yourself. If you're looking for more than just a friendship then think about the kind of signals you're giving out. It's basically about communicating your interests clearly

Looks are what catches the guy or girls eye first and the personality keeps them attracted. I think that personality wins hands down. Looks dont last forever, its the personality that stays with you. Focus more on the personality because its what keeps the girl or guy and it makes for a long relationship.

Thats not to say discard  every good looking person that comes your way lol, dont be naive and Don't let the Disney Channel and the Hallmark cards lead you astray. Guy or girl, looks do matter up to an extent. people might not admit it for fear of sounding shallow, but it's true. It's definetly true that personality matters, but for everyone there's a minimum sex appeal required.

but the whole looks vs. personality thing
you don't want the best looking guy on earth but has a crappy personality.
& you don't want the guy with the best personality on earth but you can't stand to look at him. you kind of want to find a balance between both.


Thursday, 7 January 2010


I find it so funny that the majority of guys these days are so stoosh and have strayed so far from the term'gentle man' and when they see a guy who is gentle they think hes chich or feminine well excuse mst girls like a gentle man nt a guy so far up his own.... You get it (facebook status)

 I wholeheartedly agree that "Nice guy" does not automatically equal "groveling pushover" however It's entirely possible to treat women nice while having a strong sense of self pride and inner strength. Unfortunately , this is a rarity in both sexes.

 The problem I've noticed  with "nice" guys is that "nice" is too often a cover word for "insecure" or "indecisive," both of which are qualities that get OLD when you're trying to be in a relationship with them.
moat females  don't like nice guys because they are boring and predictable.

Bottom line: be nice, sure, but be strong and not a groveling pussy. That's the way to go.
Being nice and being passive aren't always the same thing.
 Women respond to a men who have manners but also has balls to disagree and to give her a hard telling off once in a while when she crosses the line

. You don't have to be a total mugg to get chicks you just have to act like MAN. Anybody can be nice. But I know just like all should know that all men and women are different, so not every woman goes for bad boys. Plus even a nice guy can be bad. 

Hey maybe my thinking is rigid, but thats just how i feel towards it, if you act like a slapped up mugg all in the name of being nice your woman will lose upmost respect for you, it may not be face to face, it mayb behind you when having their little girly meetings......

Go Gabby!!!

I think that you shouldnt have to be skinny to be an actress. HOWEVER, I hope that her confidence does not send the message that it is ok to be this overweight, because it is not. I hope she is on track to a healthier lifestyle,  confidence regardless of your size is fabulous. your heart, liver, and arteries being encased in fat in your 20s, not so much.

All that said  She has a very positive attitude and I’m sure she can be a role model to people who feel less of themselves. Love this chick!! Let’s hear it for the big girls who love themselves! Not everybody is going to be rail thin, and that does NOT define beauty. Beauty and love comes in all sizes, shapes and colors. Gabby, I wish you all the best.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Heidi Fleiss

Sorry but i think this woman is a total freak, her face looks like shes had to maany injections,  alot of controversy has being stireed up about her comment about abortion on CBB on sunday night, it was wrong and as much as what she said was not intedded to harm anyone she should have thought before speaking, i mean How about some prevention? Like birth control? Maybe even some self control!...... 

She  told her housemates: "I've never had kids, thank God for abortion, my God. I don't mean to offend anyone but I wouldn't be a good mother. I shouldn't have kids."

RiRi's gat a new mannn!!!

Looks like RiRi has bagged herself a new man, good on her, hope this one want do a Chris Brown on her she looks happy awww :), she tried the dude is cute..... hopefully it lasts

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

why is it that we always long the attention .. we want to feel the warmth of love..
love? what is love? have I ever experienced love?
relationships .. the more you have.. the more experienced right?
is love different with everyone? is it when that one person is your only one ? can it fade?
some want it perfect .. but nothing is perfect in the way of love .. in the way of life.

now what to concentrate on.. your life or the one you love..
you should always put yourself first before anyone - you are the most important person in your life..
keep your head screwed on - work hard and make your life..
your love .. should be an equal .. your love .. should be given and received equally

it's difficult when the one you love doesn't love you back ..
but life is tough..
it's what makes us stronger right..
why ruin your life.. why pine over someone even for a second if they choose not to for you 

finally.. listen to your heart.. but also your head..
your heart tends to whizz you around it tends to confuse you ..
but you are worth the world ... you are amazing - and if someone else believes different they are not worth your time.

what are you guy's experiencing in the name of "love" ?
is it fake? prettier on the outside ?

relationships will always be complex..
but the one think that always lingers in the back of my mind is..

Mariah Carey:-

"When you love someone so deeply they become your life
It's easy to succumb to overwhelming fears inside
Blindly I imagined I could keep you under glass
Now I understand to hold you I must open up my hands
And watch you rise

Spread your wings and prepare to fly
For you have become a butterfly
Fly abandonedly into the sun

If you should return to me
We truly were meant to be
So spread your wings and fly

simply beautiful simply true..

good luck in the words of LOVE x

p.s make sure you know what you're worth - love yourself - that is the only way someone else will even be able to love you ..
jealousy kills..
but you have to learn to trust you learn to accept..

you have to know your limits ..
these limits seem to fade due to love - and you turn into this crazy person obsessed...not healthy..
as long as you know who you are you learn to move on ..
everyone does it in their own way .. some find someone else.. some get used to the empty feeling and fill it with love for themselves but remember..
as one door closes another opens..

another one opens with much more to give..
so don't settle for second best..

search harder look bigger ..!
this world is full of wonderful wonders and treats!

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Gay Z......

Okay do you still wanna tell me that Jay-Z is not evil right? check out his video below, from all that devil crap all up in your face! the video has nothing wotsoever to do with the song, all the freemasonary imagry, horns, Jesus on a cross in between bullets, those wierd looking clowns......
he has so lost the plot and is not afraid to let anyone know.......

This Camel is part of something sinister and dark, probably not the illuminati/freemasons but something, its so obvious

love knows no bounds xx

Happy New year Blogville......
hope you had a smashing lead into the New Year, i know i did!!

Its the beginning of a New Year and already ive learnt something new about myself, which im proud of, ive also learnt some new things as well. I really dont believe in New Years Resolutions....however i do believe in setting goals and targets.

Love knows no bounds: When i was younger if anybody said that to me i would have laughed in their face, but i thank God because i have matured and wisend up.....

I belive that TRUE and SINCERE love knows no bounds, It means there are no boundaries-race, gender, location, culture, everything. It means no matter the differences, there is still love,  that the artificial barriers we put onto love (age, race, gender, financial situation, distance) are meaningless to the deep and spiritual emotions that true love brings,

 it means love doesnt discriminate. it pays no attention to society rules. like love of a different race, or you love someone way older or younger than you. or your in love with a cousin and cant help it. it means love can happen regardless of the situation. for example, i have a secret crush on someone 20 years younger than me. society dictates this is wrong, disgusting, and improper (erm yh dat was an example bdw lol). 

When people say they love each other there are always conditions on that kind of love.It is not unconditional love because it is known with boundaries atattched to it that threaten it.It is fragile and changeable..so it is bound by conditions that we impose on it. True love is not fragile,bound by the conditions we put on it or changeable and that's what makes love beautiful xxx