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Thursday, 11 November 2010

X FActor hmmmmm

As Katie Wassiel and Treyc Cohen were both in the bottom two, it depended on Cheryl Cole – mentor to both – being made to vote early and abstaining until her fellow judges’ verdicts. It was revealed that Cheryl Cole’s decision not to vote when two of her acts were up against each other to escape the axe had been planned all along. Dermot, 37, outraged viewers by then giving her no say. He said he was told: “If Cheryl decides to opt out we go to majority vote.” Host Dermot O’Leary reveals producers rehearsed Cheryl’s no vote in ad break TV sources confirm Treyc received THREE times more votes of support than Katie.
One of the most controversial X Factor shows ever was on Saturday night exposed as nothing more than a charade. Millions watched as Miss Cole dithered over whether to plump for Treyc Cohen or Katie Waissel. I feel sorry for Cheryl – she hasn’t done anything wrong in this at all. I have never on the show seen a mentor vote against one of their own acts UNLESS it means taking it to deadlock, so why do so many people blame Cheryl? If she’d have chosen Katie to stay because she likes her more, people would be even angrier claiming favouritism and racism!
Last year everyone was complaining that every week it went to deadlock so it was unfair; now everyone is complaining because it ISN’T going to deadlock?! The claim The X Factor is rigged is ridiculous – do you think Wagner would still be there if it was rigged? Simon would much rather see even someone as hated as Katie keep on in the competition rather than Wagner! The producers most likely asked Cheryl second for entertainment value. I doubt they’re particularly that bothered about Katie anyway as it’s unlikely she’s going to win, so why go to all this effort of “rigging” it? Also Katie really isn’t that terrible, she’s just facing the flak from people still hung up about that Gamu. She has a good voice and image.
I think it’s perfectly reasonable for Cheryl to refuse to choose between her acts – imagine the backlash if she had cast a vote! Especially because she obviously does favour Katie to have picked her in her top 3 anyway (with Treyc being the wildcard) – I can’t believe she is being ridiculed like this just for showing some loyalty.
The producers should never have asked Cheryl to vote before Dannii and Louis. If they hadn’t, these debates would not be even taking place because Cheryl would have sent it to deadlock. They are who the blame should be pointed at. What are your thoughts on the show?