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Friday, 30 April 2010

Man Bags

I went out this evening to Frankie& Benny's for a friends birthday dinner, and i couldn't help but notice the amount of guys that carry 'man bags'. As much as these are just bags they are a very fashion forward, and adds an edge to a guys dressing lol,  this look is not for the faint hearted.
They are both very functional and stylish, ive heard allot of people say 'man bags' are for gay men lol, y'all are jealous cause you aint got the swag to pull it off, i absolutely j'adore man bags!!



Mini Rant on Cristina

Christina Aguleria has done a bad job off making a comeback, i feel ashamed for her, shes not the naughty school girl she used to be, shes an adult now a mother, so she needs to cut us some slack, , and here we have it again another example of where Celebrities think sex sells.

It seems as if She's grasping for straws trying to find an identity. It's a shame… she has such a great voice but rubbish ass songs!!! 
The whole video is screaming Gaga inspired, First off hate the song. Hate the video. I felt like I was watching soft core porn. She really needs to find her own style. She had that before, but I guess she thinks being more like GaGa will help her sell more records. It won't. This is absolutely pathetic. I'm really disappointed because someone with such a beautiful voice can do so much better.

Honestly, Christina, hang up your jacket and take care of your child. She's a mother and is hooking up with chicks? Really, you were never a lesbian or bi-sexual–STOP JUMPING ON THE BANDWAGON. 2) THIS LOOKS LIKE DESPERATE SOFT PORN 3)YOUR VOICE IS AMAZING AND THIS IS THE WRONG TYPE OF SONG FOR YOU TO SING 4) Seriously? Pathetic.

Woo dats my mini rant over and done with, now you can watch the video and tell me what you feel 

Thursday, 29 April 2010

The Game

I really have nothing to say about this video, other than EPIC FAIL!!!
Please watch and give me your comments

Toni B wassup???

In all honesty i think Toni Braxton is going through a mid life crisis, the things she has  been wearing and doing recently , like maybe she feels the need to catch up with Bey and Rhi and all the other young ones, but really its not working hunny, she is way to old to be wearing spandex and stuff like that especially when the camel toe is out on display, shes obviously attention whoring. i mean you can look really hot when your old but do it appropriately , shes to old for this and needs an intervention.
she is beautiful and very talented but the outfits just downgrades her class





Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Ive noticed something

Jay-Z Beyonce

Jay Z and Beyonce are notorious for keeping their private life just that. Rarely do they speak about each other in interviews, and they skill-fully avoid public displays of affection. Bey and her husband Jay-Z take their privacy very seriously, possibly a bit too seriously sometimes.

They couple are rarely seen in romantic poses or even communicating their affection for each other. I mean its OK to be be private and reserved im kinda like that, but you know its also OK to express your love for your spouse, i guess they are just trying protect themselves from the Paps...but what is there to protect?? the whole world already know they married.

Now weather this is good or not i don't know, im just stating what i have observed... sure there are couple cute pics of them displaying PDA once in a while

Ciaras back and im not feeling it

Afternoon Blogville so ive just seen Ciaras video ft Ludacris called 'Ride' very very interesting, no doubt  my girl can move her body, its like there's no bones in her at all.

I just have a problem with why most celebrity's find the need to sell sex?, why does everything have to be so sexual?? , like if you ask me i would classy the video as close to 'porn' all that gyrating like a stripper, sure your flexible and stuff but boi...that was allot for me to handle.

Ive read alot of comments and reviews on the video and 98% of the public loved it????? , the beats kinda hard, the video is boring but i guess that was the whole idea so we could focus on her sexual explicit moves

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Family vs Partner

So ive just had a really bad experience of Family v Partner and im like woah  i thought it only happend in Nollywood movies, but i guess anything can happen in this life...so who is more important  Partner or Family??

No matter what happens, family will be there for you. Although putting your family ahead doesn't literally mean that you cancel time with your guy/girl. Family comes first because those relationships, face it, not many are meant to last. And who will you run back to when he/she ditches you? Your family, right 

Women/ Men  may come and go, in and out of your life, but your family will be there long after they are gone.This is a tough situation. I think it also depends on how long you've been together. Technically, your spouse is supposed to come first ( take note i sed spouse, so this should apply for people who are married)
. You are each other's number one person in life and do almost everything together with them. But if you just started dating (i.e. not even engaged, or less than 2 years together if you don't believe in marriage), then it's just like any other friend and your family comes first.

The best solution is to find balance. You are going to be spending a lot of time with your partner, but your family is always there for you (even if you break up with your significant other) so you should get together and help each other when you need help.


Hey dude and dudettes,
its been a really eventful Easter holiday, from Hertfordshire to London to Malta to Birmingham, ive been all over the place in 3 weeks and i haven't even started my revision yet, how bad is dat lol...thank God i only have one exam so i can work something out... lord have mercy on my soul, ive had an eventful holiday now its bk to Uni work.

So ive heard about how three people have died this week and it makes me realise that life is to short, our lives are not our own, anything can happen to us at any time seeing a brand you day is a privilege and we need to be great full for every minute we are still alive.


Monday, 12 April 2010


Morning Yall....
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thank you xxxx

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Some disturbing stuff

I was on Bossip asper usual lol and i came across a really disturbing story, i mean i cant be the only one that thinks this stuff is dodge.....

scott moore

This dude right here has given birth to a baby boy,Scott Moore and his partner, Thomas, were both born as girls and have undergone surgery and hormone treatments to transform their sex.
Scott, 30, is legally married to Thomas, with whom he lives in California, because he still has a female birth certificate.... im not knocking anyone's sexual orientation but come on when a child is involved then its more than what meets the eye, how about the child's future i think this is very selfish, i wont be surprised if the child grows up to be a druggie, or very suicidal... ah like if you want to be gay then be gay just don't bring kids into the deluded twisted equation

This is totally Sodom and Gomorrah live and direct lol,I just don’t get it, you want to be a man, you shun the body god gave you, then you still want the blessings that god gave women to have children…IDK…to each it’s own, but now you have brought a child into the cruel world to take of the burden and for people to judge. It’s not fair to the child…

Saturday, 10 April 2010

would you date a shorter guy??

Today is my day, i keep finding interesting stuff to talk about lol so i stumbled upon something new a minute ago, a photo slideshow of famous tall woman/short man  hollywood couples. Included in the feature is Mick Jagger and designer L’Wren Scott, Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupree, and Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. The feature ignites the age-old question:Would you ever date a guy shorter than you?

I always find it interesting that a lot of the men that are the Hollywood heartthrobs are on the short side.  It is an old fashioned notion that the man should be taller, but this notion still seems to be going strong, Women do not date shorter men because they just naturally prefer taller men.

Now this is a very cute picture, despite them looking like siblings lol its not that bad

little and large

little and large

creative and intellectual fulfilments are SO much more important than any of the superficial things.
This is what i feel, a woman is going to make a choice off of her natural preference, her self confidence, (because if she picks a short guy and her friends harass her about it and she does not have enough guts to go with what she likes, not what her friends say) and the pool of men she gets to select from.

If you are a short guy that has issues with being short, odds are the women you meet will have issues with it, too.
Women want to see confidence in a man and if you are not confident or at least able to fake it, she is not going to be interested in you, for the most part, at any height.
Women want to feel secure. Security can be provided with a physical presence, but it can also be provided with attitude and, dare I say it, confidence. I know 6’5” 300lb men that are teddy bears, I know some 5’4” guys that no one would think to mess with.
Women are not marrying height. They are marrying a man they are compatible with, previous requirements being met of course.

'All relationships are controlled by the person who cares less'

Ghost of Girlfriends Past

Ok so this morning i stumbled across this quote 'All relationships are controlled by the person who cares less'
 and it struck me that its really true, this really happens that is true, however, the person who loves deepest has the better love experience. The old saying, "It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all." had it right.

No one wants to have their heart broken, and it's prudent to go slow, so you can judge the level of your loved ones commitment, however, loving is part of life. If a person holds back and doesn't truly allow themselves to "put their heart into it" they will never fully experience the sheer JOY of loving another person. I have been loved and I have loved. Being loved is a sweet and precious thing, but loving brings me true JOY! I pity those who have never allowed themselves that experience.

That being said, I would caution the "one who cares the most" to keep their self esteem intact, making sure that their loved one is not using them instead of loving them. After all, a person can stand not being the "star" of the show as long as they are awarded a "Best Supporting" Oscar. 

Rhianna is hawt!!!

Rhianna is just one hot somebody lol, singing and performance aside she is  actually the ish i mean i saw some pics of her in some horrid attire but it works on her and for a split minute you would forget how horrendous the outfit is, her body is sick everything she wears looks good on her, anyone begs to differ?
im so hating on her right now lol... i mean i hate her singing, but i totally jadore her fashion
check the pictures below

Thursday, 8 April 2010


Aww one of my favourite low key couples.... Paula Patton and Robin Thicke welcomes a son YaY!!.
 They are such a gorgeus couple no doubt their baby will be handsome, cant wait for the pics to eventually come out, and his name is so hot 'Julius Fuego' i love it <3
I wish all three of them the best!!!

Actress Paula Patton arrives at the 82nd Annual Academy Awards held at Kodak Theatre on March 7, 2010 in Hollywood, California. Actress Paula Patton arrives at the 82nd Annual Academy Awards held at Kodak Theatre on March 7, 2010 in Hollywood, California.

Im back yall x's

So im back from Malta guys and i was welcomed this early morning with wind and great..(talk about a major contrast lol) but the sun is beautiful, im, in my back garden surfing the web i love weather like this, not to hot not to cold.... so i had a well deserved break, Malta is beautiful but it wouldn't be in my top ten holiday destinations i think its more of a chilaxing spot as to shopping or fun, but hey im not complaining. Im totally jet lagged haven't slept only had 3 hours of sleep as i woke up early this morning to make my way to London after landing in Luton.

Ill upload the pictures from my blackberry but i guess its better than nothing right.
Back to business now guys and i promise to blog more


Tuesday, 6 April 2010

live from MALTA

OK so wots the worst thing that could happen to you on holiday??
i forgot my darn Camera now i have to use my crappy blackberry camera, i feel so gutted mayn, deres alot of scenery i would love to capture on my camera and the BB just doesn't do i for my SMH... its actually a beautifull  little country

anyway that aside im having a swirl time, the weather is gorgeous not so the the shopping cause they have like nearly every shop we hae in England...they even got British Homes Stores lol like WTH??? BHS in Malta.... okaaayyy?? lol

I needed this break, back to reality and work this week, but this has motivated me to go on holiday at least two more times this year....

Im thinking of ways to revamp my blog got a few ideas, got offered s job as well because of this blog (defo a miracle coz i dunno wot they saw lol) Praise be to God

Anyways im out blogville, off to the the last bit of my shopping before i leave this country...sad tmes

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Afternoon Blogvilee,
Blogging live and direct from sunny Malta its too hott mayn...
but its really beautiful and historic looking, hopefully ill have more fun and have some info for now
but for now ciao!!!