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Thursday, 10 March 2011

More on Azekel

So i told y'all ill be back with some more info to feed you about 'Azekel' - the feedback from the track so far has been great, glad you like it.

Azekel‘s "I BE ON MY NEW ISH BABY..." is a catchy line that’s been raking up over a thousand hits on Youtube, Myspace, and Soundcloud over the past days, courtesy of singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist producer Azekel.

 Stomping into the underground arena with his vivid debut promo single New-Ish, the East London artist is making it his duty to ensure you remember his name. “It’s about going out of this world to receive a new sound,” He says. “It’ll never be the same again.” 

With a selection of soul, hip-hop, dub, as well as pop and rock influences, the 21-year-old has mastered the art of fusing genres into songs like New-Ish and returning with a sound quite extraordinary.The self-taught multi-instumentalist is turning heads with his experimental musicianship as he pushes the boundaries of urban pop music. “I want to inspire creativity and capture hearts and minds.” While New-Ish leaves listeners craving for more, it also sets in motion the lead up to his long-awaited EP entitled BassFashionFaithPassion due for release Autumn 2011.

With many musical surprises in store for the UK music scene, eyes and ears stay glued at an artist who’s passion fuels his creativity, igniting his incredible talent.For press, bookings and general enquiries  please contact: thunderlightning@live.co.uk

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Introducing you to AZEKEL......

Presenting to you up and coming Urban/ Indie Artist 'AZEKEL' with 'NEW-ISH' , written, produced and performed all by the man himself, very impressive.

His video is due for release next week, so keep your eyes peeled...but for now be sure to enjoy his vid on youtube

watch this space as more info on him will be flying about

If we cant be lovers we cant be friends??

We've all been there. Whether we are the dumpee or the dumper, we have all experienced the end of a relationship. The uncomfortable "It's not you it's me" conversation. The tears and pleas to stay together. It often times is quite messy. How do you handle the aftermath of a break up? Does it depend on how messy the break up is?

For some, it doesn't matter how amicable the break up is, after they are done, they are done.

I asked one of my girls this question and she had this to say.... ' I don't want any phone calls or emails or any of that. Forget you even know my name when we break up. Especially if you broke up with me. I don't want to hear about your new woman and how great she is and how you are planning on marrying her. Yeah, that doesn't hurt much.'

If I was the dumpee I still don't want to be friends with the guy because inevitably he will always think he can inch his way back in. Always. Uuuhhh, no. I don't want to be your friend.

So, what's your take on ending a relationship? Can you be friends or no? do you agree with my girl?

Singer Lily Allen has recently expressed her disgust at a recent tweet by US rapper Kanye West.
The star, who last year suffered her second late miscarriage, last week said Kanye's ponderings on the social networking website are wrong on 'so many levels'.
Kanye, 33, wrote: 'an abortion can cost a ballin' n**** up to 50gs maybe a 100.
'Gold diggin' b****** be getting pregnant on purpose. #STRAPUP my n*****!'

But 25-year-old Lily was horrified by his comments.
She tweeted to West in reply: 'Never has a tweet put me in such a bad mood.
'This is wrong on so many levels.'

Abortion is a very controversial subject. On the one hand, some use it as birth control who could care less about their lifestyle or the cries of a foetus upon a forced birth who is then killed using instruments by an abortionist. Then there are early abortions when someone is assaulted and finds they're pregnant. These are things which society has differing opinions, yet, "back-street" doctors, national clinics, perform abortions on an almost daily basis somewhere in society
Kanye has got a point about "strapping up." Men should use condoms if they don't want a woman to get pregnant. If they don't care about using condoms they can't complain if a woman chooses to keep the baby. It is indeed sad that lily lost 2 babies, but I think that in her sensitive state she fails to see that Mr West’s controversial remark is actually a good message: Wear a condom, then one won’t need an abortion in the first place! If she really wants to attack someone she should be attacking the women who have these excessive and expensive abortions (it really is a problem) as Mr West is doing! (Perhaps not so crassly though.
I don’t see any relation between what had happened to Lily Allen and what Kanye said... Kanye is encouraging other "ballin' N- " to wear a condom so that girls don’t get pregnant purposefully to take them for all their money. He’s encouraging safe sex etc. etc. I think she’s misunderstood
Just to give this some perspective... Lilly has actively chosen to follow Kanye on twitter and therefore presumably is interested in want he has to say. Kanye is CLEARLY NOT saying he is pro-miscarriage within a loving relationship is he, he's just keeping it real with a good helping of tongue in cheek.
I aint no gold digger but I sure know plenty of the type. I can see where he is coming from. Lily is still hurting which is also understandable.