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Saturday, 28 November 2009


Rhianna is actually a fashionista in her own right, if anyone begs to differ then i dont know where your looking, i just stumbled upon some recent pictures of her, she is actually hott, only her can pull anything off, i am aware that alot of londoners despise her taste in fashion...but i just love it, the way shes rocking that red lipstick gettin me envious lol, but wassup with the spikes she defnetly wasnt looking forward to any huggs lol

she's obviously got a very on-trend stylist who's doing her best to up Rihanna's fashion-ante but you've got to respect the girl for being so adventurous and actually managing to pull off these catwalk looks...well most of them

 Rhianna at he NYC album release party

rihanna givenchy paris fashion week 12

Paris Fashion Week


American Music Awards 09

what a weekenddddd.....................

What an eventfully week, argh on Thursday i lost my bank card which im so frigging annoyed about and ive had to go throught a long process with the bank, but on a lighter note last night i was in the marvelous presence of God at the Festival of Life...it was awesome absolutly loved it, OMG if u wernt there you defnetly missed out on blessings ...i know ive recived mine.

Next stop is Faith Childs album launch




• FOUR KORNERZ - The electric sibling quartet

• GUVNA B - The pioneering kingdom skanker

• JAKE ISAAC - Awesome praise and worship leader

• SHARON ROSE - The East London Songstress

• DJ 4REAL - will be on the wheels of steel!!!



Its going to be incrediblely amazing, make sure your there ...check out the FB Page for more info ;)

Wednesday, 25 November 2009


Whitney Houston murders her own song ' wanna dance with somebody' on the finale of dancing with the stars.....ok im exaggerating, i mean she tried but its obviously not the old Whitney.... she use to be a good singer but the crack has ruined her voice beyond all repair not to mention her lungs as well. It sounds like she can hardly breathe. so sad… her voice is not the same. Cute dress, she needed to cut her bangs though, you couldn't even see her face. She needs to take breathing lessons because she could hardly catch her breath long enough to sing 2 words...... I really do love her but shes obviously not the same anymore due to all does drugs :( ... we all need to realize that the old voice is not coming back.... poor poor Whitney, just watch the video of her in 1987 and last night.....

I didnt get a chance to see the AMA (american music awards) but ive been catching up and watching some of the performances, I love J.Los song its so catchy, i mean of course she singing about something really pointless lol but yh her performance was good i loved it and she did well... as for that fall lol that can pass  for a dance routine, its not that bad.

Alicia keys i love her new song, beautifull performance, beautifull vocals.

HEY Blogvilleeeee, its been a while i kno, things are getting pretty  serious and tedious at the moment with coursework and all...hope everyones been well.. so i finally got that winter jacket i was looking for, its not the 'Hott' one i thought i would find but i couldnt be bothered to keep looking and im getting cold so yh i settled for some plain thing lol

Toda y was privelledged to attend a 'Vintage Fashion Show' near Tower Hamlets, to my suprise it was really good, it was obviously wierd because i have never really got the whole 'vintage style', but it was good to see it for myself this isobviously my first time at a proper fashion show and it was really cool, i sat there with my legs crossed proper watching the models go past,  the whole process was exciting, had to dress up wear some heels make up...just look good basically...i loved it all, theres me thinking it was a wierd way of dressing not knowing The vogue for vintage clothes attracts fashionistas, stylists, models, fashion students, collectors and costume designers for stage and film. Top designers and celebrities can often be spotted amongst the crowds searching for one-off fashion finds, unfortunetly  i didnt see any :(
 80s draped shoulder jersey military jacket.


Saturday, 21 November 2009

Military jackets are seriously stylish

The mister has been telling me for ages now about military jackets and how hot they are and how i should get one ( his a bit of a fashionista in his own right) and ive not really taken notice of him, untill recently when i actually understood what he was on about, they are seriously hot and in at the moment...im yet to get 'The One' ....ive got a lil leather one but im still looking for that hot cake...you should invest in one as welll....
p.s watch out for padded sholders as well ;)

23L12DBLKMischa Barton military jacket

Statement Knitwear

Been seeing alot of statment knitwear around its the easiest way to add a touch of drama to any outfit, they look great on a simple vest top and skinny jeans.

knitwear, embellished knitwear  Black cornelli cardiganknitwear, embellished knitwear, embellishment

Ladies know your worth

Someone was telling me about some girl that I know who has become wild and has been labelled with the term ‘First Degree Hoe’….. when I heard this I wasn’t to shocked, not because I thought she was a hoe but because I knew she suffered from Low self Esteem and Insecurities and I knew that when she got to Uni she would definitely head down that way…that’s not to say that girls dat suffer from low self esteem will head down that road, but because I actually know this girl inside out.

I know a lot of girls that are very insecure, we all face insecurities no matter how strong we are, everyone has an insecurity its just how we deal with it that makes it different, Insecurity is a sense of feeling worthless, where you condemn yourself so badly and find it hard to accept when good comes your way it also gives you low self esteem

Ladies who do suffer from low self esteem and go off and do stupid things or condemn yourself, please stop You are so beautiful! Not only are you beautiful but you have the ability to be talented and gifted by God.

Hold your head up and know that you are loved and appreciated. Don't give people any place to cause you to have low self-esteem or doubt. You are indeed fearfully and wonderfully made. Just remember that the words you speak from your mouth determine your outcome, your thoughts design your outcomes. Why not speak good and positive things over your life?
Learn to love who He has made you. There is no one like you.

Guys like a challenge, they like the whole idea of pursuing a girl.  they may not like being rejected, but being able to walk all over a girl is way worse. Respect yourself if you want to be loved. Guys wont love someone they don’t respect.

Friday, 20 November 2009

The beautifull Janet Jacksons full interview

Shes so beautifull, this was such an awesome interview, she co operated well answered the questions the best way she could, she was so down to earth and calm, you can see the sadness in her eyes. She seems so genuine, , definately doesnt look 40, and thats not just some good makeup, Loved the interview, and she made me look at JD in a different light, and we all know there still together lol

this was her best interview yet,compared to all other ones shes had over her liftime where she acts and talks like a dysfunctional person, Rihanna,  please take note, this is the way to do an interview. Robin did a great job with this interview, she clicked well with Janet Jackson

i loved this new Janet, the woman Janet, the sophisticated, matured lady. God bless her

Thursday, 19 November 2009


good early mmorning bloville,
Someone just messaged me in my honesty box,(HONESTY BOX hmmm watch out for the post on that..coming soon) telling me to write a post on how i feel a man should treat his lady....im guessing it was a guy judging from the way he was speaking, and since im awake i might as well post it now.... p.s i am no love doctor, just a fellow female who is passionate about realionships and using my expectations also making someone happy by doing what was requested.... ill do it in bullet points :)
AverySweetProposal.gif image by kapson

  • Compliment her. It will mean a lot to her. Yet be truthful
  • Be yourself. Don't put on a fake show of yourself
  • Don't use her!!! It'll only lead to trouble in the end.
  • When you are spending time with her, make sure she has your attention. Make sure you listen to her and talk to her. Just sitting beside her doesn't count as time together.
  • Gifts don't need reasons to be given. Give your girlfriend gifts on normal days
  • Girls are not things, and don't like to be treated like objects. Avoid being too possessive of them
  • Be as confident as you can - women love confident men. However, don't take it too far - if too confident, women will find you arrogant and egoistic
  • Learn to spend time with her, call the shots ask her out to the movies dinner i dunno somewhere nice, if she always has to ask if you want to go out trust me she will soon lose intrest.
  • Don't overdo it
  • Be a Good Man. Honestly will go a long way with a female
  • Treat a women Well and she will totally forget that you are not a millionaire lool
  • Dont be a wuss tell her you love her (please only say it if you really do lol)
  • Observe her attitude if you notice she's having mood swings randomly....well its probably the time of the month :)


Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Video Phone

Beyonces new song Video Phone is really really pissing me off, the married woman is gyrating around looking like some loose hoe, she needs to behave herself man put some clothes on and do positive decent songs, her voice is more than beautifull and shes using it on rubbish like this....

Sorry isnt this the same Beyonce that did Nasty Girl with D.C insulting girls who dont dress properly ....like look who is talking, argh shes getting on my nerves as i type.

I actually am a fan of Beyonce, but corrupting young girls to sell a few extra records is nothing short of hypocrisy, Shouldn't she be telling young girls not to tape themselves on their video phones kmtt!! She looks like a total slut. She danced like a pole stripper the entire time.
She has countless girls that look up to her, is she teaching them to be whores?

Oo and Gaga needs to get out that video, she looks odd what is she doing, looks like she's on flippin Crack.... there wasn't even a flipping telephone in the video.

Peep the video below


Monday, 16 November 2009


I must say i do like this song alot by Mariah Carey
loving the Chiors involvment, the videos wack though..but a great song


I saw this as someone's display picture on facebook.....So.. the point of this pic is?
Ewwwwwwwww... For God's sake this babe should be a little decent.. Ii think this is sooo disgusting!

Yeh maybe she has an incredible body but yeh dont go off wearing your skin and trying to look sexy. this outfit has no class and she just looks like a poor girl that was fed well to grow in the right places, bagged a celeb boyfriend. ewww.
Anyways going back to work.xx

Jimmy Choo draws crowds

Unfortunetly for me i happended to be in Oxford Circus, when The H&M doors opend to launch their much-anticipated Jimmy Choo range. Come and see people shoving and pushing and grabbing boxes, one would think there was no such thing as a recession, i walked right in to see what all the hype was about and i walked right out again, i couldnt take it.... i couldnt see what anything i liked, the prces haha lets not even go there... and i nearly got hit by some silly woman that was gettin emotional when some other lady took her shoe box, not to mention she already had like 5 safe guarded under her arm.

woww i couldnt belive it, i hear H&M sales have fallen doe because of Jimmy Choo, like duhh what did they think would happen, apparently people were even pitching tents outside stores i literally Laugh Out Loud.....

But i must say, Jimmy Choo was recived with a lot of love, never knew people were really on Jimmy Choo,  even in the rain peoplewere dedicated and determined to get their products .....amazing stuff

Madona wanted to be in what???

Ladies and Gents (if there are any gents that read this lol) its been a while ino, its not easy all this Uni work, been busy busy busy, but God help us alll,

Ok so i recently posted something on the movie 'Precious' and ever since then ive been following it up because im really excited to watch it (NEXT YEAR KMT) anyway, so i found out that Madonna was meant to be in this movie as well, haha like what the hell???

Madonna has no business in film…like none, and nobody bring up Evita because it was minimal acting and all singing.
Thank God Madonna did not get to touch this movie……….i probably would not want to see it if she did, and thats real.
Madonna may have won a Golden Globe, but she is no Streisand when it comes to making films. I don't think she would have understood the sensibilities of the characters in this movie

Madonna barely became a credible singer after 25 years. (She is a fine dancer, though.)

She has plenty to spend, but, please, all her attempts at becoming a credible actress have been for naught

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Men can cry there is no rule that man should'nt cry

Man Crying

I have come to the conclusion that Men can cry nearly as much as women. Men can cry when someone dies, they can cry if they are hurt,  they can even cry when a movie is sad. The only time we don't accept men crying, is when it is to their own advantage, to try and save a relationship, to manipulate or to hurt a woman.
 If a man cries from genuine emotion, love and keep that man, cause he will love you for evermore It's good to be in touch of your feelings and by showing emotion it shows you care

But try not be a REAL MOIST WASTEMAN It depends oh why he's crying and where. I personally think it is pathetic-like, but some girls think it's sweet. It really does depend, though. If a girl wouldn't cry about it, then a guy shouldn't. But like if someone died or something bad like that, then I think that would be cool. if your crying over spilt milk, your a loser She will not respect you. She will say she will, but inside, she will lose respect for you. 
(this is only if its over minor things, so don't worry guys lol)

You have to install confidence in a woman, to make her feel special and protected. Don't cry over pathetic things, or if she has decide to break up with you, as long as it's not because him and his girlfriend are fighting. that's annoying ,that man probably wears thongs.

red lipstick

So i was looking through some girls pictures on Facebook and she was wearing red lipstick and it totally freaked me out, the lipstick did no justice to her whatsoever, i mean red lipstick come on dats a very daring thing to dabble in.

 The red has to be a red that looks good on your skin tone. I'm not seeing ANYONE wearing a color that looks good on them. If you put it on and all you see is your mouth, that's the wrong shade. If it's too bright, tone it down with a muted shade over it. Blot it. Play with it until it looks right. It may not be a fire engine shade that looks best on you. Red lipstick is officialy super sexy hott, it has been for a while now and yet to be outdated.

I really love red lipstick, and im always in boots  messing around trying on lipstick and trying to find the right shade that suits me, as much as i love it  untill im comfortable confident and have found the right shade you will not catch me in it.

I totally do NOT believe that red lipstick can suit everyone, even hotties like Jessica Alba can get it wrong with red lipstick.
But to that lady with the hurendous red lips...sorry abborrit next time just look for a good shade dat makes your dark skin tone....
peace out 

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Who Can't Sing The Most Entertainingly Factor rant

Trust me, it seems like Jedward are going to win....... Xfactor has gone bonkerssssssss
Ok so first and formost the Black Eyed Peas perform. This is unremarkable incredible performance, Fergies vocals were on point,  got that tune stuck in me ead naw!!!! it was wicked apart from Fergie  descending onto the stage on a giant letter C lol, and the usual awkward interview with Dermot. Just stop that. Stop it. No one comes out of it well.

Ok so Leonas performance, she is so sweet i love her bless her heart, she was great as welll.

Now to the annoying part, The show ends with a gracious departure from Lucie and understandable bitterness from Dannii....... well im not really suprised because since the beginning of the show, it has been really deemed as fixed and biased and rigged...woteva you would like to call it, i just dont understand how certain things work. 

The public obviously love Jedward  since they are where they are today, and its even clear because Simon left it to the  public vote..... so i dont know why people are fuming and cussing and insulting Simon and Jedward (ok im starting contradict now)...but what im trying to say is ..NO i dont like the fact that certain people have gone while certain people have stayed, but people should stop insulting Jedward... its not their fault people vote for them.

If you want someone to win pick up the damn fone and vote for them your selves........ ** Sigh**

And does of you saying you wont watch X factor any more, your lying to yourself......

Ok a day late but here goes... Xfactor reviews of last night

The judges take to the stage to the theme from Star Wars and I have to say, Dannii looks absolutely stunning in that Princess Leia style dress.... Cheryl=Boring

I felt that Lloyd and the twins were the weakest this week but as we all know this is not always reflected in the voting. I feel the anti- establishment voters are voting for JEDWARD to upset the apple cart. Danyl was note perfect and I agree with cheryl that he has now got the right balance (although I always thought that cockiness was a prerequisite to becoming a performer so why try and knock it out of Danyl). While olly's song was an easy choice for him, he did it justice, again note perfect and great dancing with a bit of thriller SO WHAT? it was good.

Stacey again good singing but she seemed uncomfortable. I did not agree with the judges on Jamie's performance it showed his weak side. While he was good at the loud punchy parts of the song, the lower keys and lead up was ordinary and not exactly note perfect. Joe is a darling and he has the most genuine smile which goes all the way to his eyes. (must say I did not like the comment that Simon Cowell made a few weeks ago regarding videos of Joe when he was younger and just slightly heavier but still lovely I might add. Simon recommended on the show that he burn them. What message is this giving out to Joe and other impressionable teenagers? Joe as always note perfect and the song originated in musical theatre so therefore chances are it will sound musical theatre (not rocket science Louie). Joe sang it well but I felt that Danni could have given Joe a more challenging song as he has proven that has a good vocal range and can handle key changes etc. The song choice for Lucie suited her although I think that she suits Rock chick more.

Generally I think that a lot of the public comments on the acts are either "oh such and such is wonderful" or " they are rubbish" but the middle ground is missing. There is a lack of subjectively thought out criticism. I wonder do any of these so called critics have a singing voice, musical ear or even attempted to stand on a stage. If so this would enable them to have an empathetic ear and aid their judgement of those who do.


I finally found out where Cheryl Cole got her dress from last week, when i saw a look a like on Beyonce at the EMA awards, i had to do a little research on it. 


its actually designed by David Koma, an up-and-coming-London based designer. David only graduated from Centarl Saint Martins last February where his collection immediately caught the attention of the world's most important press and buyers at the colleges' renowned MA show. Apparently his Hot cake on the market now and everone wants to wear his designs....I was admiring BeyoncĂ©'s dress at the EMA's, and wondering what the designer was... 

Apart from Cheryls dress I think he's really talented!


Saturday, 7 November 2009


No, I Haven't forgot about you guys lol..
First off here's a BIG Hello to all my new & old followers! :) I haven't been in tune with my blog lately due to this busy week of mine but I plan to revamp the site. I plan to talk less about celebrities now I hope u all are enjoying yourself just as much as i have been enjoying me (or trying to):)
I love you all. No seriously. I never thought many people would care about what I think or have to say. I thought my followers were nameless people who "follow to be followed".

I'm glad I worked out the whole "won't let me comment" thing...
This is my baby && I'm glad I can share her with y'all.

I am feeling me at the moment. Not in the crazy sexy cool sense at this time. So much has happened in around me. I am simply trying to find my way and my place in the thing we called life.

Im about to do something thaat will suprise someone but its for my best intrest, but i couldnt care less really because im doing this for my own good, ill keep you all updated trust me on that lol.....

Thinking of going to see the firework display later on tonight, ive got soo much coursework to do, dont even know where to start.... but trust me i shall be back to talk about Xfactor...
watch this space xxxxx

Beyonce at the EMA awards Berlin

Sorry for all the videos guys lol, but come on Beyonce performance at the EMA awards was of the chain..... didnt really get or like the ending, but that drum beat in the beginning i really liked it....
And she deserved to win 'Best Song'..... shes really good at what she does

Im not to sure what to think about this interview, i feel like alot has been left out, i dont belive its the whole truth, like how you going to beat someone up because they were persitantly asking you about a text...come on now..... her make up and outfit is cute but thats a minor lol, but the way she threw Chris under the bus was serious, its defnetly not adding up, alot of contradictions... i dunno

I found Chris Browns interview very very boring to be honest.....I just hope that he can move on with his life and succeed

Thursday, 5 November 2009

As much as i dont like her, i rate her confidence for coming out (9 months to late) and i am totally against domestic violence.

I wonder how much she will reveal in the full interview. What i dont like though is the fact the interview comes out a few weeks before her album comes out..sounds more like promotion to me

You cant help but Love Him!!

I love Chuck Bass, like how hotttt can he get? especially for a white dude ( thats not racist by the way, just my opininon :) )

i dedicate this post to him ..........Even that name—“Chuck Bass” is so sexy… and he is from Hertfordshire oo lalaaa its, does eyes.....

Chuck’s Wikipedia background:

"Charles Bartholomew Bass was born to the late Bartholomew "Bart" Bass, a self-made billionaire who owns the New York Palace Hotel, where Chuck resides. Both of his parents are now deceased, as of It's a Wonderful Lie, leaving Chuck with only his step-family, the van der Woodsens and uncle, Jack Bass. Chuck attends the prestigious St. Jude's School for Boys with long-time best friend Nate Archibald. He is the resident bad boy of the Upper East Side, originally portrayed as a Casanova type. After sleeping with Blair Waldorf in Victor, Victrola, he has taken on a softer side, and is often shown to be nearly monogamous in light of his love for Blair. He is the male version of Blair when it comes to manipulation and revenge, the two often coming together to form cruel and sometimes elaborate plans for vengeance and self-gain. Fan-favorites, they have proven to be the sharpest, wittiest characters on the show, and are thus often described as equals. In the second season, Chuck reveals to Dan Humphrey that his mother died giving birth to him. With the tragic death of his father, Chuck has essentially come full circle in his character development, now the same dangerous lothario he was introduced as at the start of the show."

Wednesday, 4 November 2009


Precious: Based on the Novel PUSH by Sapphire

 An urban drama about an 16yr old obese girl and single mother of two named Precious. the teen is suffering abuse in her home, neighborhood and school. . .....

Come on guys if there is any movie your going to watch, its got to be 'Precious', i no im definitely going to see this, i cant wait to see it, im actually lost for words i know im going to be crying, the trailer alone got me teary eyed lol. It simply shouldnt be missed.

' Hope during Adversity' 

I just love the way director Lee Daniels creates a must-see portrait of life’s underprivileged.
I really think this will be the best drama/family oriented movie this year

The only thing that is annoying me right now is that, i heard its not out till January 2010 in the UK.... please tell me ive got this wrong!!!!!!


Ok so im not one to sit down and start judging or analysing secular artists, but Rhianna is just getting worst by the minute, some of her songs are being leaked from her forth coming album.

Her second single ‘ Wait your turn, the wait is over’ sounds too dodgy, I heard the song watched the video and read the lyrics……. In her video there are scenes of her in a church singing ‘ the wait is over’, siting on angels wings and talking about taking over?? I also feel like there is to much masion imagery...

                              DENOTATION, CONNOTATION GUYZ!!!!!!
If you haven't already seen it or heard it, check it out below and post your views on it.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009


Hey everyone, thanks for the private messages, text messages and concerns about my foot really appreciate it....
its really long i cant wear coverd shoes because my foot has swollen and i have to get it medically clened every 2days... ah i dont wish this on any one not even my enemies

************************* ANYWAIYSSSS**************************************

I dont get it at all...
Is it just me or Facebook is becoming ANNOYING.....*sigh* *sigh*

Ok so it isnt that annoying like anooyingggg, i guess its people that annoy me. ( bdw it annoys me  when i write on your wall and then u comment on my wall post aarrgghhh !!!)

What i dont get is when people dont reply your comment.... Ok for example i  go to your picture and post a comment... And like im waiting for your answer then then you  go and update your status and ignore that comment .... Or i post on ur wall status and you dont even bother to reply  Like i was saying rubbish, And then i see you updating your status .......... ***** TUMBLE WEED******

I knw im guilty of that sometimes but i dnt expect the feeling to be mutual loool

And what is with the 'LOL' syndrome...everyone has it and uses it...some people even use it to shut u up, or the worse one is if you upload your status and you like it... ?????????? i dont get that obviously you like it in the first place for you to put it up duhhhhhh......

I dont even want to start with freshie men that add you and tell you they want to marry you, and they love you......

Im a bit random 2day.. As usaul like my friends tell me Lol

Monday, 2 November 2009


Check this story out below
Number 1. I refuse to belive she is 11
Number 2. Stories like this just disturb me......

Bulgaria: World's Youngest Mother at 11?


Should Woman Pay for dates at all??

Traditionally society suggests that the man not only initiate a date, but pays for it as well. But is it really fair for a man to pay all the time, if both of you are profiting from the date?

So a really intresting topic, I saw someones status last night sayin' 95% of the time a guy should pay for the date' hmm so I waited for people to comment and all the girls where in agreement and all the guyz disagreed!!!

Is this true, or are the guys  who disagree just cheap and stoosh??. I've read a couple of posts and artcles on this issue and the majority said, whoever asked for the date should be the one to pay, whilst some said ladies should never pay its the guys duty while it is the duty of the woman to love lool.

I agree that whoever calls the shots should pay but wen one party always askes to go out then it may become a problem.

It is a bit of a silly debate actually but I'm really intrigued with peoples responce to this topic.

The noble thing for the asker to do is at least look after the bill.

Obviously on the first date I belive the guy should pay, but when your getting deep into a relationship the issue of payin shud be a very trival thing, A person's age and the nature of the relationship might also possibly influence the thoughts about who pays.

It is very tradional and old fashion ' men must pay for dates' , 'men should open doors' etc... But we are in the 21st century these things seize to exist now. Back in the day woman didnt have jobs they were house wives so it was acceptable for a man to pay for her, but now a days most woman earn more than men.

What do you all think bout this??
my song for today, absolutly love it

Sunday, 1 November 2009

X factor cont......

Ok Blogville...  so i know i cant be the only one disturbed about tonights X factor results,
like how did it happen....... one of the most talented vocalists sent home.... but then we cant really complain, if we want acts to be kept in we need to learn to vote. 
Apart from that though i really dont think Danni is good with picking out songs for Racheal......
anyways i go to sleep disapointed
Good Night !!!!

X factor week ?? dunno

I really love mr Dermot, everything about him, I miss him on BB, but he is doin well on X factor.
If you thought I would be quiet about Cheryls dress last night your having a laugh. It was hideous and in actual fact it was beginning to irritate me, I just couldn't understand what it was...fair enough it was halloween but come on that dress was beyond disbelif, and to make matters worse she does no justice on tonights show with shiny leggings... Like ur skinny and ur wearing skinny leggings, Danni looked scrumptions on both nites ... No homo ( always wanted to say that lol)

Ill be back to talk bout who go voted out etc...
P.s who the hell are Bon jovi???

happy sunday yall xxx

Happy first sunday everyone,

I actually can't belive we have hit November, its incredible couldn't have done it without God
So I came back to London for the weekend and church was amazing, its beautifull when you go back to the heart of worship :)

But I'm bck to reality know, assignments have come in this week from North East South and West and its going to occupy me, so I may not be blogging as much as before but at least ill be doing my work. So I'm doing something right :)

This year I think Halloween was more civillised ( in my area anyway) I actually forgot it was haloween, no one knocked on my door which was great.

I'm still in search of a winter jacket, may hit the stores these week...