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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

This is upsetting

Blogville ive missed you, hows it going???  I know i said i would never leave you for a long amount of time but i have been ever so busy in the real world... if only there was a bloggers app on BB... forgive me????

Anyway so i was on the train this morning to work and i was reading the newspaper as per usual. Today's paper was just full and death, but what really struck me was the story about the man who killed himself his wife and his two girls aged 2 and 1, this really disturbed me and is still disturbing me till now, to know that we live in the same world as these sick people. Headlines in the paper read 'Delivery driver who murdered wife and daughters before hanging himself 'had money worries' and was £7,000 in debt'
Stabbed to death by their father: Sisters Nereya (left) and Phoebe Case
Apparently they were £7,000 in debt and he couldn't handle it so he killed off his family. 
There needs to be more support for people in debt. More helplines where people can call if they are having a real low. I can't help thinking there must have been something else going on too because why would this make you want to murder your loved ones?
It isn't nice going through such a time but to harm your own family and in such a brutal way. I don't know how someone could do such a thing... to such innocents. It's just awful. 

Andy Case with his daughters, aged one and two. The girls were found stabbed to death and Mr Case was discovered hanging at a house

father who murdered his wife and two daughters before hanging himself had mounting debt problems, it was revealed today. 
Andrew Case yesterday inexplicably 'snapped' and stabbed his family to death in their home in a quiet market town.
His daughters, two-year-old Phoebe and one-year-old Nereya, were fatally knifed just a few minutes after the once devoted father had also killed his nursery teacher wife, Vicky, 31.
The 32-year-old then hanged himself at the couple's rented family home.
- Guardian Newspaper

Stabbed to death: Mother Vicky Case          This is just sad!!

Monday, 12 July 2010


I cant stop laughing at her delusion, this is a major OMG!! lool enjoy

Im gonna show my genetials ..... men are stupid i dot even respect them looooool

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

MAJOR rant!!!!

When i see the Media going hay wire because Cheryl Cole has Malaria it really disheartens me. Alot of people die everyday in Africa because of Malaria and no body gives a damn about it, but when almighty Cheryl Cole catches Malaria the whole Media and world is going crazy. Good riddance to Bad Rubbish!!!!

The chief executive of Comic Relief has said that it is “deeply unfair” that singer and X Factor judge Cheryl Cole has caught the potentially killer disease malaria. Err excuse me its unfair that millions of people die of Malaria every second and nobody is aware of it.

I saw it on the News yesterday and they are still going on about it till today, they need to recognise important and urgent things.... right about now that is not as important as the Gun Man that is on the lose.

They need to fix up!!!!!

Cheryl Cole     

Monday, 5 July 2010

Alicia take it easy nowww

I saw this Video on Bossip.com on Alicia falling down whilst performing... why wont she fall when she wears those massive heels and is always prancing around the stage. Its the baby i feared for, i hope they are both ok... she recovered from it well doe.

Just take it easy girl

My Weekend

I had an eventful weekend, we had Church Sports Day which nobody turned up for, it was a hot beautiful day but nobody turned up.... but if it was party now or some sort of 'Faaji' hmmmm i shall say no more.

After the sports day i went for a friends Birthday Party, i had fun catching up with friends i hadn't seen in a while it was a very interesting day.

Sunday was Thanksgiving, danced away all our problems and sorrows from June....Its a new month new problems new blessings.

Hope you had a great weekend..... have a wonderful week ahead
much luv