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Thursday, 11 November 2010

X FActor hmmmmm

As Katie Wassiel and Treyc Cohen were both in the bottom two, it depended on Cheryl Cole – mentor to both – being made to vote early and abstaining until her fellow judges’ verdicts. It was revealed that Cheryl Cole’s decision not to vote when two of her acts were up against each other to escape the axe had been planned all along. Dermot, 37, outraged viewers by then giving her no say. He said he was told: “If Cheryl decides to opt out we go to majority vote.” Host Dermot O’Leary reveals producers rehearsed Cheryl’s no vote in ad break TV sources confirm Treyc received THREE times more votes of support than Katie.
One of the most controversial X Factor shows ever was on Saturday night exposed as nothing more than a charade. Millions watched as Miss Cole dithered over whether to plump for Treyc Cohen or Katie Waissel. I feel sorry for Cheryl – she hasn’t done anything wrong in this at all. I have never on the show seen a mentor vote against one of their own acts UNLESS it means taking it to deadlock, so why do so many people blame Cheryl? If she’d have chosen Katie to stay because she likes her more, people would be even angrier claiming favouritism and racism!
Last year everyone was complaining that every week it went to deadlock so it was unfair; now everyone is complaining because it ISN’T going to deadlock?! The claim The X Factor is rigged is ridiculous – do you think Wagner would still be there if it was rigged? Simon would much rather see even someone as hated as Katie keep on in the competition rather than Wagner! The producers most likely asked Cheryl second for entertainment value. I doubt they’re particularly that bothered about Katie anyway as it’s unlikely she’s going to win, so why go to all this effort of “rigging” it? Also Katie really isn’t that terrible, she’s just facing the flak from people still hung up about that Gamu. She has a good voice and image.
I think it’s perfectly reasonable for Cheryl to refuse to choose between her acts – imagine the backlash if she had cast a vote! Especially because she obviously does favour Katie to have picked her in her top 3 anyway (with Treyc being the wildcard) – I can’t believe she is being ridiculed like this just for showing some loyalty.
The producers should never have asked Cheryl to vote before Dannii and Louis. If they hadn’t, these debates would not be even taking place because Cheryl would have sent it to deadlock. They are who the blame should be pointed at. What are your thoughts on the show?

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Changing your name after Marraige

So as Cheryl and Ashley's divorce is finalised many of you may have already known Cheryl will be keeping Ashley's  surname because of her solo career. The star has worked tirelessly i guess to promote herself as 'Cheryl Cole'.... her maiden name 'Tweedy' would just confuse things. But it wasn't until after her marriage to Ashley in 2006 that she became a real household name, known to millions as Cheryl Cole.
she is more famous now and her name is recognised. Tina Turner kept her name, I think she's earned it and has a right to keep it. but will almost certainly eventually become just known as 'Cheryl' a bit like Madonna. 

Celebrities are making a career choice when they decide on whether or not to 'take the name'. Would the Beckham 'brand' be as powerful if they were Victoria Adams and David Beckham? And when Ashley Cole was getting into trouble for alleged infidelities, did Cheryl's 'Mrs Cole' tattoo on the back of her neck make the perceived betrayal all the worse? The Mrs Beckhams and Coles of this world are independently rich and powerful within their own celebrity - but probably richer and more powerful as part of a celebrity unit. Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, meanwhile, has it both ways, while Jennifer Aniston kept hold of her maiden name during her ill-fated marriage.
The Question is would you change your surname when you get married?
If i was a man, there's no way I'd let my wife have a different last name than me. It shows a disunity in the family. When a man and a woman join, they become one. Period. That is your family. Biblically. Historically. Factually. If you aren't committed enough--so self-centered--as to keep separate last names, I see a marriage, if not heading for failure, built on a very poor foundation.
I guess I am pretty traditional in that regard since I definitely plan on taking his last name. Even when I was a little girl, I would doodle my name according to the last name of the boy I was in love with at the moment. I am looking forward to being Mrs. hubby. And I know (even though men will never admit it) taking man's last name is a HUGE deal for them, it's a proof of the commitment, same as engagement ring is for a woman. Women are insisting on proper engagement proposals, proper engagement rings, big weddings with families etc. as a proof of their love for us. We want them to relinquish their freedom, but we are unable to relinquish even our maiden name... If I wanted to keep my maiden name forever, I could as well keep on being single forever.   
There circumstance for example if you where a artist you can have your stage name professionally, but i would encourage woman to take their husbands last name legally.......Obviously in the Celebrity World..things are always different......

Wednesday, 8 September 2010


Okay so i have been motivated to write a post tonight due to some facebook pictures ive seen , and its about my fellow ladies who feel the need to constantly show their assets in order to receive male attention.

Ill make it short and snappy.......

Ladies, you may dress seductively/sexy/raunchy and you will get ALL the attention from males.

But you will never earn and possess  true love of their hearts and their respect. 
A real man wants a woman with whom he can have the greatest of affection of heart and with whom he can really give his heart and respect.
If you do not respect yourself, then how can a man respect you.

women need to realize that the standards they have for men can be turned back and used on them also. My point being that you must be what you want. If you want a strong confident man, a woman must be a strong confident woman. There is a book out by a woman stating that women's standards are getting out of hand and they are not getting married. The thing is that they have all the standards for men, but don't even think how they present themsleves. A woman can't win the heart of a man that meet all the standards if she isn't close to those standards herself and that usually includes respecting one's self in your dressing.

Not saying you should start dressing like Virgin Mary, buts lets be decent in our appearance and b respected for the beautfull woman that we are

And the funny thing these ladies are grown ass woman, like c'mon.....
done and dusted lol i told you it would be short x

DONT STONE MEEE pleaseeee!!!!

I know i said ii wouldnt leave you again.... i know i lied....iive just havent had any motivation, ive been lazy and useless for the past month or so :( ......
Im not promising that im 100% back...but i shall be more frequent than before.....

Y'all Missed Me????

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

For My Ladies

Ladies you are your partners helper!!! wow – that’s a hard statement to swallow for a woman of our generation! 

On Sunday after church i was talking to one of the ministers, she was rushing home to make dinner for her husband and i was like' if he is that hungry he will cook for himself since he is at home and he knows where u are'. I then got a lecture lol which i will break down to you.

when God created Eve, she was created to be a “helper suitable for him (Adam).” That is the wife’s purpose. It is quite plain in black and white. When you act as a “helper suitable for him , you are glorifying God.
In this generation it is  hard for women to sit back and simply help their partners – we are tempted to lead them, boss them, criticize them, expect them to take care of themselves and us, be tidy, and a helper to us. But in actuality – they are not our helpers – we are their helpers! God desires that they be servant leaders and the head of the house but whether they are actually doing that should make no difference as to our attitude of being their helper- hmmm deep!!!
So we have three things to consider:
1: Know your partner. 
Know his likes and dislikes and help him in the areas that he has asked for help. Pay attention to areas where you see he needs help.
2: Do not compare your relationship to your friends, sisters or even your pastors! 
Your partner is unique and you are unique; therefore, you have a unique relationship You must seek to please your partner and no one else.
3: Do not wait for your partner to “deserve” to be helped. 
We should do what is right no matter what others are doing around us . This is very hard lol especially when they have wronged us.
Our strength to be his helper must come from our walk with God. When we stop fighting what God has created us to be – we will find peace and blessing even in the midst of a difficult relationship. 

It is a hard pill to swallow at first because of pride but when you realize how natural it is, it’s a beautiful thing! When you realize this then everything starts falling into place, after all that was said and done i said to her this is all beautiful and makes sense but i cannot be a slave neither a dunce, best believe i got a spanking lol xx

Lindsay Lohan Rant!!

Hello Family
hope all is well and good, so on my train  journey to work this morning i was reading in the newspaper how Lindsay Lohan  had been released from prision early.

The star served 13 days of a 90-day sentence and taken straight to a local rehab center — where she is expected to spend the next 90 days. It had been expected that the Mean Girls actress would be released from jail early due to overcrowding in the California prison system and the State’s credit system for good behaviour.

She DIDN'T behave well in jail! From all accounts, it sounds like she was as obnoxious as she could possibly be. It's not like she could actually do anything BAD, since she was locked up in a cell for most of the day, but still that is such a pathetic excuse

Ok stuff like this piss me ryt off, you never hear of non celebrities serving only 13 days out of their sentence, this is pathetic  celebrities are humans just like me and you, that's the more reason why they should be disciplined the more because they are potential role models/icons/idols to younger kids.

She should have spent all 90 days in jail. If she wasn't (arguably) a celebrity she would have. If I was one of those other inmates that has to serve my full term while people like Lindsay, Khloe Kardasian, and Michelle Rodriguez walk after a short period of time I would sue the LA County jail and the sherrif for discrimination.

It then went on to say '"Lindsay is very upset that the judge ordered her to go straight to rehab…[Lindsay] feels that she deserved to spend a day with her family after she behaved well in jail.'

"feels she deserved to spend a day with her family"…

She got special treatment, and spent 2 -ish weeks of her 90 day sentence. When a person breaks the law, is found guilty of the crimes, and goes to jail that person isn't owed anything, by anyone - other than their basic human rights ( i.e. access to 
food, water, a place to sleep). It's not a "right" to see your family, it's a privilege.
Because of …."how well she behaved in jail" ?
Didn't she aggravate the others (inmates and staff) by screaming and crying the whole time?

If this was to happen to one of us normal joes we would still be in jail. Money talks once again. This is not news worthy. I dont like to see a certain kind of person get special treatment we are all the same. Send her back to jail.......

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

This is upsetting

Blogville ive missed you, hows it going???  I know i said i would never leave you for a long amount of time but i have been ever so busy in the real world... if only there was a bloggers app on BB... forgive me????

Anyway so i was on the train this morning to work and i was reading the newspaper as per usual. Today's paper was just full and death, but what really struck me was the story about the man who killed himself his wife and his two girls aged 2 and 1, this really disturbed me and is still disturbing me till now, to know that we live in the same world as these sick people. Headlines in the paper read 'Delivery driver who murdered wife and daughters before hanging himself 'had money worries' and was £7,000 in debt'
Stabbed to death by their father: Sisters Nereya (left) and Phoebe Case
Apparently they were £7,000 in debt and he couldn't handle it so he killed off his family. 
There needs to be more support for people in debt. More helplines where people can call if they are having a real low. I can't help thinking there must have been something else going on too because why would this make you want to murder your loved ones?
It isn't nice going through such a time but to harm your own family and in such a brutal way. I don't know how someone could do such a thing... to such innocents. It's just awful. 

Andy Case with his daughters, aged one and two. The girls were found stabbed to death and Mr Case was discovered hanging at a house

father who murdered his wife and two daughters before hanging himself had mounting debt problems, it was revealed today. 
Andrew Case yesterday inexplicably 'snapped' and stabbed his family to death in their home in a quiet market town.
His daughters, two-year-old Phoebe and one-year-old Nereya, were fatally knifed just a few minutes after the once devoted father had also killed his nursery teacher wife, Vicky, 31.
The 32-year-old then hanged himself at the couple's rented family home.
- Guardian Newspaper

Stabbed to death: Mother Vicky Case          This is just sad!!

Monday, 12 July 2010


I cant stop laughing at her delusion, this is a major OMG!! lool enjoy

Im gonna show my genetials ..... men are stupid i dot even respect them looooool

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

MAJOR rant!!!!

When i see the Media going hay wire because Cheryl Cole has Malaria it really disheartens me. Alot of people die everyday in Africa because of Malaria and no body gives a damn about it, but when almighty Cheryl Cole catches Malaria the whole Media and world is going crazy. Good riddance to Bad Rubbish!!!!

The chief executive of Comic Relief has said that it is “deeply unfair” that singer and X Factor judge Cheryl Cole has caught the potentially killer disease malaria. Err excuse me its unfair that millions of people die of Malaria every second and nobody is aware of it.

I saw it on the News yesterday and they are still going on about it till today, they need to recognise important and urgent things.... right about now that is not as important as the Gun Man that is on the lose.

They need to fix up!!!!!

Cheryl Cole     

Monday, 5 July 2010

Alicia take it easy nowww

I saw this Video on Bossip.com on Alicia falling down whilst performing... why wont she fall when she wears those massive heels and is always prancing around the stage. Its the baby i feared for, i hope they are both ok... she recovered from it well doe.

Just take it easy girl

My Weekend

I had an eventful weekend, we had Church Sports Day which nobody turned up for, it was a hot beautiful day but nobody turned up.... but if it was party now or some sort of 'Faaji' hmmmm i shall say no more.

After the sports day i went for a friends Birthday Party, i had fun catching up with friends i hadn't seen in a while it was a very interesting day.

Sunday was Thanksgiving, danced away all our problems and sorrows from June....Its a new month new problems new blessings.

Hope you had a great weekend..... have a wonderful week ahead
much luv

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Damn Naomi

Naomi Campbell balding      nomi crop

To much weave and Lace wowww, wassup with that Naomi....
.Campbell is clearly a beautiful woman and when she started modeling, I remember her having a full head of hair, but her quest to keep up with the mainstream has her walking around here looking like she’s on chemo.

Naomi Campbell bald spot

Anyway it just goes to show that she is just human....we all have flaws.. besides that her body is working it Damn!!!!
Naomi Campbell balding

Naomi Campbell balding

Its the little things in a relationship that keep it buzzin

As relationships mature, grow and develop people can sometimes forget the little things that can have a positive impact on the quality of the relationship these  are in three categories: Simple courtesies, simple pleasures, and simple words.

Simple Courtesies: As relationships mature, grow and develop people can sometimes forget the little things that can have a positive impact on the quality of the relationship. I put these in three categories: Simple courtesies, simple pleasures, and simple words.

Simple Pleasures: Such as sending flowers, greeting cards giving inexpensive gifts for no reason that say you are special, I was thinking about you.

Simple Words: I'm sorry, I forgive you, it will be OK, I know how you feel, I believe in you, I have confidence in you, you can do it, I'm there for you. This list is endless as well.

The small details of your lives are what really matter in a relationship. It is not the mansion, the car, property, the money in the bank, blah..blah.. blah. These create an environment conducive for happiness but cannot give happiness in themselves. So find time to be your spouse's friend and do those little things for each other that build intimacy.

Dont give me material things just give me your love, let me feel secure and confident that you love me.

Now a days people confuse material things for love, that's not love.... little things from the heart that nobody has to know about is a big turn on.

A phone call to see how im doing, check up on me, compliment me would go a long way as to a 'Gucci bag'. Lets learn to appreciate our partners make them feel secure


Oh my gosh Blogville, it has been a while...so sorry for leaving yall hanging.... its been a busy 4 weeks but im bk here to stay i promise lool.
so much has happened since ive been away, but i thank God im so alive and well.....  but i am here to stay..watch this space

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Lady Gaga Alejandro

I really dont know what to say about this woman no longer, i mean words cant describe how i feel about this video its rather disturbing..... the whole her being a Nun n her eating the rosary beads,n the men gyrating and wearing high heels, and the cross behind her...its a bit to much for me to handle...shes in my prayers

Sunday, 6 June 2010


Does Rhianna have some sort of identity crisis or she just gets bored with her Hair, she gone red now...which in my opinion is a major Epic Fail#
what do you reckon??

Rihanna performs in Rock in Rio

Rihanna performs in Rock in Rio

Rihanna performs in Rock in Rio

NOT feeling it! I keep thinking about Ronald McDonald. However I give her props for trying something new


This is still sort of surreal to me. Never in a million years would I have thought Alicia Keys would be pregnant before Beyonce....

Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz Airport

Spotted in Teneriffe, her belly is getting noticeable as well
Happy mum-to-be: Alicia Keys flashes a big smile as she jetted into Tenerife today

I would love to see how long they would last for.... still love u Alicia ;) lo

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Reason For Men To Start Watching Women’s Tennis…

Venus Williams

Venus Williams  wore nude color shorts under her outfit to the in the French Open over the weekend, so that it appeared as though she wasn’t wearing any underwear.  According to CBS News, she told the press, it was all about the “illusion”

Burlesque tennis: Venus Williams plays a return to Patty Schnyder and shows her flesh-coloured underwear under her short corset outfit

she had me fooled for a few seconds.This is a lingerie outfit! I’m suprised they let her out on the court like that. Do they not have any guidlines.? standrds? a dress code to prevent this?
I hope children who see this … well i hope they dont see this at all. it’s a shame

Sorry Venus but that's nasty but clever (contradiction much lol), It's time the women got back to wearing proper sports gear and stop trying to fashion icons on court....mostly they look silly....bwahahahahahaha! can you imagine how many black men would start buying tickets if serena wore that??? OMG!!! and it just looks so wrong on so many levels!

Unusual: The player ignored traditional tennis whites - and even polo shirts or sports tops during the French Open tennis tournament at the Roland Garros stadium in Paris

Entirely Inappropriate, She needs to put some damn clothes on. This is so inappropriate on so many levels.

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Alternate Halo Video

OOooo so a second Video Version of Beyonce 'Halo' has been leaked, check it out what version do you prefer, i like this it tells a much better story….interesting concept. But I’m glad they went with the original version. I like it a lot better and I love the chemistry and interaction between her and Michael.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Jada Pinkett Smith and Will on 'Oprah Winfrey

Will and Jada Smith  Monday's edition of'The Oprah Winfrey Show', and the conversation turned to marriage.

God I'm so sick of reading about Jada and Will Smith's sex life. It seems that in every other interview they do they keep talking about how they keep their marriage fresh in the bedroom. Seriously. Who cares! One starts to wonder why the feel the need to talk about it in public so much...

 I don't remember EVER reading a magazine article or watching an interview that Jada didn't make comments about their sex life and go on and on about how hot and wonderful it is. ...although i must say Jada is some hott stuff

Monday, 17 May 2010

ALICIA I LOVE YOU GIRL! OMG! Love this video!!!

Alicia Keys takes on interracial dating in her new video for her single “Un-Thinkable (I’m Ready),” from her fourth album, The Element of Freedom.

I dont know why it has taking me soo long to write a post on this video, since its like on repeat on my ipod lol
so here goes, i totally love this video 100%, Absolutely love the song and the video was great! Loved the cinematography and concept. She looked gorgeous all while keeping her clothes on! , come to think about it A.Keys is like one of the only singers that actually keeps her clothes on hmmm

This is my favorite song from “The Element Of Freedom” and by Alicia Keys period. Her melodic voice, the beat, the lyrics… the whole concept is amazing I love it. Drake is really talented I would love to hear a remix between then two in the future. 

The scene when their in the grocery store in the 50s era is theeee cutest. Chad starts lookin’ a hot mess from then on with that mullet and what not, lol.

Ok so im looking for the Video everywhere and it seems to have been removed and blocked due to copyright hmmmm, when i do find it i will defo upload

Thank you

Thanks to everybody that voted for Faith Child, He won...
I really appreciate it guys

Wednesday, 12 May 2010


         Oluwacharles Dada

Hey Blogville, i need a favour
all i need is a second of your time, to vote for a gospel rapper to win a competition please please please, all you got to do is follow the link and click on ' vote Faith Child' please please please...we can make him win
thanks so much family
please click on the link below

for more info on 'Faith Child' please click


Faith Child

'Commander' single cover I love it,Kelly looks beautiful. I hope the album is a success. “Commander” is my song.. Do your thing kellz, i love you

Kelly Rowland

Pictures of Kelly on the set of her video shoot for 'Commander', shes so beautifull, wish her all the best

Kelly Rowland

Friday, 7 May 2010

I just don’t understand………

 This is sad and pathetic. She has lost herself completely!She has beauty for sure, but the class, style, and bum is certainly questionable.

Ok so ive been reading peoples views on this video and there are alot of crazy people out there, who find nothing wrong with this and think its her best vid yet WTH?


It’s Officially Time For Bey Bey To Sit Down And Take A Break. She’s Getting Worst. She Needs To Go Somewhere And Relax So She Can Get Some Inspiration…She Has Yet To Touch The “Dangerously In Love” Album. She’s Doing Waaayyy Too Much These Days.
what happen to that break she was taking, attention WHORING MUCH?? ,it’s mediocre at best. I never thought I’d say this, but I’m getting tired of Beyonce.

I’m ready for some fresh faces/sounds. Hopefully this year will belong to: Brandy and Kelly Rowland.

"Why Don't You Love Me" - Beyoncé from Beyoncé on Vimeo.