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Saturday, 31 October 2009

this-is-it-poster1.jpg I'm not to sure wehther or not i want to watch this, i mean a couple of my freibds have and they say its not that great at all, apparently its been overhyped. I know your not going to learn anything new about MJ, you may feel inspired and enchanted  but im thinking of watching it just for the sake of watching.So if anyone has watched it, let me know how you feel toward it. 

Friday, 30 October 2009


Im in the LRC (Learning Resource Centre aka the Libary) waiting for my 3pm lecture and i have a few things to get of my chest..... im totally in pain because of my injured foot but im not complaining... i feel for some Nandos..anywais

Gossiping about your friend to another of our friends about our collective friend is not okay. Flirting with your friend's boyfriend when you know she's a paranoid little thing (bless her heart) and having inside jokes with him about her is not okay. Hooking up  two friends whislt the guy is someone you have apparently liked for practically two years now and complaining about if after a while  is not okay! Where do you learn these things from ??

Girls on this campus,
Wearing heels does not make you a fashionista. People on this campus give me jokes. Today I saw one girl limping about in her  5-inch stilettos.  Why did u wear that to class? For what/who? ! It is never that serious.

Have a blessed week, guys. Make someone ridiculously happy this week, even if it's only yourself!

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Bro Franklyn LMAOOOO

I just had to do it...but For real this has got to be the funniest thing i have seen all year, i keep watching it over and over again and i always seem to laugh and cry at the same time... i love bro franklyn lol

He is dancing all his problems away boi... im sure he even danced more than David in the Bible.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Arghhh some people have tried mugging me off today, but they can never succeed :)
so i got my stiches taken out yesterday from my foot injury.....and it proper hurt Omdzz like wow... but i thank God im gettin healed slowly but surley ..but anyways enough about  me people of blogville im here today to talk about the diffrence in age and maturity .....
its very understanable and belivable when you hear about uni students acting like primmary school students.... mentally they are not mature. AGE DOES NOT EQUAL MATURITY  belive me when i say this... two many 19 and 20 year old people acting really childish and unbelvably childish, their mental state and capacity has not developed yet... which brings me to my next post (you got lucky 2day two in one lol)

Why do girls bitch so much??
Just as black people are cursed with lateness, girls have also got 'slagging and talking about each other syndrome' ** Sigh**

Theres a particular, group of freinds (it may be church, college freind, or uni friends.. so dnt keep guessing if you know my circle of freinds lol) and  a particular girl in the group that always feels the need to chat rubbish about other girls in the group, and the worst thing is its always me she talking to about these other girls, and im like why cant you just shut the hell up??.

It really buggs me, thats why must girls like talking to guys and having male freinds...Jheez to much ' she said this, she said that' its ridiculous...girls need to fixx up big time.

Most girls suffer from Lack of self esteem,  There's  always going to be people who try to build themselves up by tearing
 others down.
You'd have to go in depth into the psychology aspect in order to get a really descriptive answer to this one.

P.s guys please keep voting for me lol im not even in my 50 votes yet...come on show mw some love xxxxx

which outfit had the Xfactor this week?


Ino this is late but who cares.....

I really hateed Cheryls outfir on sunday... it looked like she was wearing Tilapia fish scales didn't really like Dannis outfit either on Sunday.... but on Saturday it was defo Cheryl im in love with her hair accessory, she looked like a greek goddess

So Saturday for me has to go to Cheryl and Sunday.... Danni

Michelle Obama

  She is soo beautifull I love Michelle Obama, she has it all beauty, brains and class, its nice to see her on the cover of Glamour magazine... i need to hook up with her for tea lol

Woman accuses grandson of raping her

Disgusting inhumane news i just heard about a 19 yeard old boy raping his grandma, that is a major violation, he raped her on several occasions..... its making me sick even as im typing now.

There are to many mentally sick people  out there that need help and are not getting the help they need, hows the poor lady meant to feel, he needs to be castrated like seriously of all people your Grandmother.

But the woman herself is dumb... she said he raped her several times, so why is this the first time she's coming out with it kmt!! as sickening as this is, something isn't right about the woman's story either.. how can you see your grandson pulling down his garments more than once and you want talk.

Watch the video below

Msbee’s Model Profile Page | Zuneta Model Search 2010

I thought i would do this just for fun, since alot of people say ' if you were taller you would be the perfect model'... so i found this competiotin for all shapes and sizes a while back and i applied, but i went on it this morning and realised that there are only 3 days left to the closing competion lol
help a sister out by voting....
much lurvvvvvv

click on the link


Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Bowler hats are back???

Ive been seeing alot of females wearing bowler hats around campus lately... am i late or is this thel atest fashion trend...they are really super duper cool doe. But its like red lipstick it wont suit every body, you need to have some sort of swagger to carry things like that. I then type it in and actually discover that its a celebrity fashion thing as welll, dunno why i didnt clock onto that hmmm, i love the way its an accesorie that can change your whole outfit, i love stuff like that

I might purchase one some day.... dont think im ready for it yet lol

Accessory Report

Monday, 26 October 2009

why are most guys unemotional??


Guys, and especially Black dudes believe that showing any kind of emotion makes you a pussy (excuse my French, for those who may be offended), or a lame plonker.  If  a guy  cries over a broken relationship, gets upset that he has been cheated on, gets mad that he got played, or sheds a tear about a girl he is seen as less of a guy, or even if he just shows a bit of emotion, there is a problem there.... ive realised that most guys find it very hard to say I love you or I miss you or just make their girl feel special.

What i do know is guys  are more likely to express, and are ok with expressing, emotions such as anger, pride or jealousy.  

I feel like there are soo many mixed signals for us girls, I have found myself very confused over all of this. So I'd like some clearing up from anyone with an opinion, im just intrested this isnt necessary about me personally.....

But the thing is guys are actually emotional, they just put up a disgusting front and it really annoys me, how dare a girl be affectionate and show you how she feels and all in the name of ' being manly' the guy doesn't and never shows anything back in return, its like purchasing goods worth millions of pounds and not getting the goods. it makes a girl really mad, all a girl wants is to be appreciated once in a while. its quite painfull emotionally, 

How long can a man be in a relationship and be unattached and unemotional?, okay so you guys should know me by know i had to discuss this with a few freinds and they said the reason why there are alot of unemotional guys is because.....

1.Most girls use it against them...
2.Thats the way they where born....
3. They blame there fathers.....
4. They are all boys in their family no girls so they havent had the chance to relate with a girl properly.......

All i can say to this is hmmmmmm....... i salute all the guys who genuinely show their girls affection and are not afraid to show her how he really feels, dont get me wrong when it gets sloppy it gets disgusting, but some guys find it hard to say it once in a while....

How ladies would love to be proposed to ....For The Men

Today has been a really intresting day for me sooooo annoyed today, people and things have just pissed me off, and in less than 24hrs im gettin my stiches removed... people are telling me it hurts badly, the injury hasent even healed yet, girls around me are just being stoopid, and all my China ceramic plates decided to smash today, but its not as bad as the person fighting for the life in hospital, or the woman goin through labour, or the child that hasent eaten today...so im ok

Anyways in on of my lectures today we were talking about the best way a man could propose to his fiancĂ©e, i heard alot of chessey ideas and i fort errr.... if i was propsed to like that i would so say no, and the ring OMG the ring has to be amazing come on apart from the proposal i need a ring to tempt me as well.

I would love a proposal that has never been done, that is out of this world, no cheap chessey tradiotal get on one knee rubbish...

overhead flying banner
in a crossword puzzle
in a menu list
a singing telegram with flowers
at a sports event
on tv

in the cinema on the screen
fireworks    these are all examples of nice proposals, i even went on youtube to check a few propals out check the one below, i thot it was rather cute.

Then we went on to talk about emotional and affectionate men...peep the next post for more

Precious the Movie

this movie seems sad..I can't wait to see this film, it looks amazing, raw , deep , painful. and beautiful
i'm so moved just by the trailer.

my favourite couple in the world :)

 I absolutly love these two, they are so adorable and one of the sanest couples in the celeb world, they are cute and i am a big fan of them.

Joe Jackson recieves an award for what exactlly....???

 Pictured here is Joe Jackson reciving an award for  ' Good Pareting Skills' .... i think im on the wrong planet because  theres so many wrong things goin on this week......

Jackson said he was honored to be recognized by Sharpton. “This feels great,” he said. “I feel like I’m someone very special.”

Escuse me dont be a hypocrite, you know your parenting skills are nowhere near good..silly man

Al Sharpton himself has issues, what type of nonsence is this....  Somebody better tell me this is a joke

Sunday, 25 October 2009



blogaddictPrv.jpg image by holly48446

Men's Gilets

Im currently looking for a really hot winter jacket, (if you have any ideas, dont hesitate :) ) and i somehow found  myself looking at boys jackets, i dont know why, i blame it on the time it was 3am... but i couldnt help but notice that alot of shops had gilets .a.k.a body warmers as one of their 'Must haves' 

I personally dont really see the point of them, because they are short sleeve, and add unecessary weight to male, and they will walk around like they are hench lool

What does it Profit you.......

One of my favourite bible passages is Matthew 6:26, what good will it be for a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul? Or what can a man give in exchange for his soul?
(Im a born again Christian if you didn’t know) although this isn’t a Christian blog, it wouldn’t hurt to go back to my roots and write something about my Faith.

I love this passage because it is simply Common Sense, yes we all have to hustle and grind and make a living (whatever you want to call it) in order for us to enjoy this life we are living, but as Christians that shouldn’t be our main priority, we need to focus on heaven, in Matthew 6:31-32 it says,  Therefore, do not worry saying what shall we eat or drink, or what shall we wear?, For only the pagans seek these things, and your Heavenly Father knows that you need these things.

For example now Michael Jackson has passed away, all his riches, clothes, possessions, everything stayed here on earth, we were born with nothing we leave this world with nothing.

Im not trying to preach but these two passages really minister to me and I feel to share with my fellow brothers and sisters
God bless you as we strive to fulfil our spiritual goals

How to Treat a Woman? Something Which Most Men Should Learn Yet Only a Few Know

A friend of mine was telling me how disrepectfull her man wa being to her, he is soooo rude, useless and uses her to get him things just because the government has decided to bless her with student loan. He is some run down crusty guy, who has nothing to live for and doesn’t treat his girl right, he is un emotional and never knows how to say sorry…but the worst thing about this is she loves him and wants to marry him..imagine.

There is always a certain way in which you need to treat women. There are several males in our society who do not know how to treat a woman in the right way. You see it is not rocket science rather a matter of common sense when it comes to figuring out how to treat a woman.

It really isn’t hard, you don’t need to have all the money in the world, know how to drive and status….. just basically respect, Give respect and get it- One of the best ways to get respect from a woman is to simply give it. The more you respect her the more you would get it back. Therefore always respect a woman no matter what.

Many men say that they treat their women like queens, but if you asked their counterparts, the response would not be the same. Learning how to treat a woman like a queen is a process that should be individualized, because all women are different.

Women like to be listened to, not just heard, but actually have their words comprehended. There is no point in pretending to hear them or passing off what they have to say as trivial. 

Do not ever take a woman for granted

Saturday, 24 October 2009

I hate saying goodbye

Ahhhh Blogsville….I was dreading the journey back to Hertfordshire this early morning, not because it was long but simply because I knew I would have to say goodbye to the 'my friend'… I really hate saying goodbye to him, its even worse when its not done properly.....

 I was upset I even struggled to hold tears back as he went of the train, I just felt like getting of the train and going home with him. I do miss him already, but I don’t like saying it cause he may think im just saying it because i feel the need to say it because I do say it often…but it’s the truth, its not easy when your not with your other half, and couples are flaunting their love in front of your face… I feel sorry for married people whos partners are across the world….
Looks like my teddy bear has to suffer for the mean time L xx

My X factor update :)

All the contestants gave me the same thing this week, it was what i expected from them, apart from a few that got my attention 

Racheal Adedeji looked really nice today with her new hair do…it suits her much better than (in Simon's words) the silly hair cut lol, but I wonder is it bonding..i no its not a wig because there is a parting and you can see her scalp ..but there was no hair at the back to bond…. Hmm interesting. Im really happy for Racheal, she really changed and did much much better, she looked great as welll, she needed to calm down a bit doe lol but I guess she was really excited you could tell she loved her perforemance, she was great, go girl, she's getting my vote this week, just need to fins someone with credit.

Kandy rain I absoulty didn’t like, especially the rap part..errr NO. 

Stacey Solomon was no surprise, I love her shes really good, tonight she looked great, her performance was very boring , she needs to learn some performance skills,  I agreed with Simons comment ‘ you looked better than you sounded’ she talks like a retard as well.

The twins, for some bizzare reason i like them, i guess its the entertainment, they obviously arnt good at singing but performance wise they iight. Simon is a legend he said he would leave the country if they won, what a joker.

Cheryl and Danni looked great as usual, loving the hair clip thing Cheryl put on her hair….

BDW Michael Buble is hot stuff,..... well he looked nice on tonights show  ;)

Amazing joint twins

'We don't go out much, we get nervous' ... conjoined twins Ganga and Jamuna

I was on the Sun online this afternoon, like I always do everyday, and i stumbled upon this story of the cojoined 39 year old twins,  I was amazed how can someone  be joined to someone 24/7, it must be extremmy hard and annoying, especially id they got into an argument or a fight there would be nowhere to go to.

Im quite surprised and would love to know how they have coped for 39 years, do you think it was harsh of the parents to keep them alive, i mean if they were animals they would have been put down. But hey who am i to judge, i just dont like the fact that they are doing shows to support their families, isnt it meant to be the other way around.

40-year-old conjoined twin sisters Ganga and Jamuna

the sisters opted to stay together. Cuddling her sister, Ganga says: "The way God made us is the way we will live."

Eastenders have totally lost the plot!!!!

Heather Trott (CHERYL FERGISON) Baby George
So i woke up from my nap and i had to catch up on EastEnders and all I can say for now is they are on drugs, how can Darren a  18 year old knock up Heather who should be in her early forties, that is beyond grotesque.

  Since when were them two together? like when did they both sleep together?

Sorry but have i missed something? i am more than in shock you'd think with a best friend like Shirley  Heather would  be a right rebel, but no she's a freak! She'll be one of those mothers that breast feeds their kids  till they're 5yrs old and has them in thomas the tank engine jumpers in their teens. 

the storyline sucks, Heathers storyline is soo boring..she should leave and take bloody Shirley with her.


I do hope Eastenders have done one of their silly cliffhangers, so on Monday we can find out its not Darren, because as at now, i am totally grossed out!!!
Sorry i haven't posted anything in a while, It has been a looooooog weeked woww....Frontline was really good, went better than i expected :)
so now ive just got into bed, since 2pm yesterday afternoon, and surprisingly im not really tired... need to catch up on last nights episode of Easty then go to sleep.

So guys ill be back shortly with another post xxxx

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Mike Tysons Teary Interview with Oprah

If You Missed Mike Tyson's Interview on Oprah, You Need To Watch It. Seriously. Mike Tyson tearfully talks about his vicious life so far and for the first time, the death of his 4-year-old daughter Exodus. He revealed his way of thinking behind many of his controversies, which includes the biting of Holy field’s ear (I think everybody remembers that incident), his 8-month marriage, and his drug addiction. The interview was amazing and I am proud that he is still in the process turning His life around for himself and his family and his future. It seems that Mr. Tyson has acquired an incredible amount of perception over the years, and although he still seems a little off, it's like he's completely changed and different and is still striving to be the best he can if you have a few minutes, watch the interview


Tyson speaks about the death of his daughter, Exodus
OPRAH: We heard it was a freak accident that she --
IKE: Yeah. Yeah.
OPRAH: -- somehow had twisted the cord.
MIKE: That's what I heard, too. I don't know
OPRAH: You don't know. You still don't know.
MIKE: I don't want to know.
OPRAH: You don't want to know?
MIKE: Because if I know, then there might be a blame for it. And if there's somebody to blame for it, there will be a problem.
OPRAH: You don't want to carry that.
MIKE: Yeah.

Tyson on how his daughter's death affected him 
OPRAH: How has her death affected or changed you? I heard you just say she's a little angel. I actually do believe that when you loved somebody and they've loved you that you end up with an angel whose name that you know.

MIKE: I don't know, Oprah, you know. I'd like to believe that, and that sounds great, you know.
OPRAH: Mm-hmm.
MIKE: But my first instinct was a lot of rage, you know, and I was so happy that I had the tools in life, you know, to not go in that direction because I've been that direction. I know where that's gonna lead me. I know I'm not gonna win. I'm tired of losing. I want to win now, you know. My family's -- that's my biggest asset.

Rhiannas latest single

So every where I turned, everyone I spoke to, everything I read all had one thing in common, Rhiannas new single ‘Russian Roulette’, I thought I would listen to it to see what all the hype is, and to be honest I believe RiRi has really lost the plot

This song scared me out lol. Her image music and style has become satanic and creepy. Selling sex on top of looking demonic is not ok at all. I can see the grungers and Goths liking this tune.  I guess its perfect timing; Halloween is right around the corner.

 It’s definitely different than I expected. I thought her first single was going to be a club banger, another up tempo club anthem this is a ballad along the lines of “Unfaithful” written by Ne-Yo and produced by Chuck Harmondy

The song has been interpreted into so many different way, some say she is singing about suicide, death, abusive relationships, other say its referring to Chris Brown… the song is catchy doe, as am typing I can hear it in my head. . It’s a very dark song…and someone pulls the trigger at the end.













London Youth on the Frontline Conference 2009

Holy Nation - Peculiar People, London Youth on the Frontline 2009 is Gonna be Splendid...Its Tremendous..Save the Date...The Most Important Night in 2009

Ministers are coming in from all over the United Kingdom and we are seeking His Kingdom on Earth.

Ministers -

Midnight Crew


Sonnie Badu

Natasha Campbel

Alexander Victor

Wole Awolola

Dayo Bello

Andrew Bello

New Direction


Faith Child,


Matthew Allen

Victoria Adexa

Simply Andy (Bibles, Bibles)


Dayo Israel

Pastor Lola Owolabi

Pastor HJR

Minister Natasha Okhuoya

United Kingdom would become A HOLY NATION when we THE PECULIAR PEOPLE (Christian Youths) Arise and Take Authority

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Team Danni V Team Cheryl style wars

The ladies have  very different ideas when it comes to fashion, and i cant wait for Saturday nights to get here, each week, im going to let you know whos look im loving on the X factor...between Danni and Cheryl

last week Danii got my vote for being the most stylish, her  hair dress everything was on point for me, she looked amazing. Cheryl's  gold dress was really pretty, but thats about it.
Live Auditions- 18.10.09 Week 2

stay tuned for next week :)

I wont date a woman who cant cook

I just finshed having a conversation with a few male freinds... and we some how randomly started talking about relationships (as per usual lol) and someone asked a question, ' would you date a woman who couldnt cook' with a mighty uproar all the guys were like ' nah man,is she dumb', ' if she cant cook she aint no woman, i dont want her fam' lool
i was a bit suprised with their replies actually but i did not disagree, im a bit old fashioned' if thats what you would call it, and i belive that every woman must know how to cook, if not for your man, for your kids and even yourself.... the saying ' the way to  mans heart is through his belly' is very true...obviously there are other ways but the fastest and most effective is through food. 

Me im not no Ainsley Harriott but i do know how to cook and i know when food tastes well, i really dont understand how a lady can feel whole when she cannot cook.

What makes me laugh about guys is when they are talking to a lady, the question 'so can you cook'? is always somehow  dropped in the conversation  lol.

I definetly believe that a woman should know how to cook for her man. I think much of what is missing from relationships is a sense of tradition

I love Dc.Marteens

Call me crazy but I have secretly always wanted a pair of Dr. Martens, i just love them...but my style does not go with it, so unfortunelty it wont work and plus i would know how to wear em lool. Its like Marmite, you either love em or hate em..... and for some strange reason i really do love them.
 I was tempted to get some this summer, but i wasn't prepared for all the insults and negativity i would receive plus i still wouldn't know how to wear them.

Vintage 1460 8 Eye Boot


Please forgive my continuation...PLEASE NOTE I AM NOT A HATER.. but im really interested in Heidi Montags before and after pics...watching her over the year on The Hills i couldnt help to notice she was the only one that changed..

heidi-montag-before-and-after-425x269 Heidi Montag Plastic Surgery: Before and After Pics     

See what money has done to her, plastic all over , hair extensions.... im not saying these things are  bad but her personality really annoys me

Speidi ....they just get on my damn nerves...

Spencer and Heidi Pratt... from The Hills are the most annoying couple i have met in showbiz, they do anything just to get into the lime light, they are so tacky and fame hungry...they really do disgust me as a couple and as an indivdual. Number 1 Spencer is such a  number one loser douche bag...... he is so rude, controlling, obnoxious and mind-numbingly annoying
Heidi deserves so much better (even though im not to keen on her) and Heidi is number 12 on my elimination list for what she did to Laureen..like how dare she .....

Get Them Out of Here!   Speidi

They make me cringeeeee..........

Monday, 19 October 2009

Oh no whitneyyyy


When i heard Whitney Houston was performing Live on X factor last night, i was dead excited for her... i could not wait, so she comes on stage look absolutly gorgeous... i lreally loved her dress even doe it was really long for her performance, but due to her bizzare behaviour  i couldnt help but think that she was still on some substance or still suffering the repercussions.

One thing I would say in her defence is that it must be incredibly daunting for anyone to get on that stage and perform; and after such a long break it would be even harder.
It's great to see Whitney back ... but last night was just awful!

Still, ever the true professional, she plodded on through her wardrobe malfunction and finished the song. 

Even when Dermot was interviewing her, her answers were not normal, she took time to reply and just acted disjointed. During the brief interview, Whitney appeared nervous as she struggled to answer some of the questions, pausing often, starring at the ground and closing her eyes.

I still love her though, but last nights performance didnt do it for me
X-Factor        X-Factor

I thought i was the only one that thought Rhinna had taken her new hairstyle to some next level of madness, i would be pissed if my hairstylist did that to my hair, the bobs were great, then she went lower which was still great...but this...... no RiRi.... this is an autrocity ...... lool at bossips comparison below 


She might as well shave her whole hair off, I did like her better with the long hair and the bob but alot of people have hair like that, and it gets kinda boring. I think she is really a trendsetter and a lot of people love her short do.


Anyway apart from her hair and terrible voice, she has great style so i guess that can compensate her :)

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Every girl should already know this

Up until yesterday I thought every girl knew about the rules in the Girls Code especially  the biggest one ever ' You must never go out with your friends ex' .....why you ask me? (for those of you girls who dont understand, because girls still do it) because that is a NO GO ZONE and it only breeds jealously, conflicts and fights,whatever happens u should never chose a guy over a friend if hes willing to break up a friendship that youve had what makes you think he cares for you or her at all karma sweetie think before anything Never. Never. Never. Doesn't even matter if they say it's okay, never do it. You'd not want that done to you.

I mean, dont get me wrong it is very possible to date your freinds ex, go ahead.. only if your ready and prepared to throw that freindship down the drain. if friends say its okay to date their ex's they more than likely dont really mean it, face it, seeing your ex with another girl let alone seeing her with a friend isnt really a pleasant feeling.
It gets really messy...pleas just dont go there at all

:( im not a happy bunny today :(

Hey guyz i know i havent written anything over the weeked, please forgive .... been busy tryna sort out all lastminute.com preparations for this years Youth on the Frontline .....  http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=124469996057&ref=ts

Anyways so today was one of those days i will not forget in a long time, on my way to enjoy some retail theraphy i fell out a moving vehicle and grazed, cut open, sliced my (foot) skin ..... it looked sooo grosss oh my days.

So im transported to A&E and i have to wait three whole hours to be attended to... it was ridiculous...

But im fine now thanks be to God, how the leg didnt break is quite suprising... its only God,
you can check out the picture below ...Please note, it isnt for the faint hearted lol

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Spot the diffrence

These celebrity ladies are often always on the red carpet taking pictures, and ive noticed a few trademark poses. Its not a bad thing, this post isnt another negative- hate thing to persucute them, its just something ive noticed. 

Victoria Beckham


Megan Fox

Katie Price

Miley Cyrus

Alexandra Burke
Clearly these ladies know how to look good, and therefore have these trademark poses