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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

For My Ladies

Ladies you are your partners helper!!! wow – that’s a hard statement to swallow for a woman of our generation! 

On Sunday after church i was talking to one of the ministers, she was rushing home to make dinner for her husband and i was like' if he is that hungry he will cook for himself since he is at home and he knows where u are'. I then got a lecture lol which i will break down to you.

when God created Eve, she was created to be a “helper suitable for him (Adam).” That is the wife’s purpose. It is quite plain in black and white. When you act as a “helper suitable for him , you are glorifying God.
In this generation it is  hard for women to sit back and simply help their partners – we are tempted to lead them, boss them, criticize them, expect them to take care of themselves and us, be tidy, and a helper to us. But in actuality – they are not our helpers – we are their helpers! God desires that they be servant leaders and the head of the house but whether they are actually doing that should make no difference as to our attitude of being their helper- hmmm deep!!!
So we have three things to consider:
1: Know your partner. 
Know his likes and dislikes and help him in the areas that he has asked for help. Pay attention to areas where you see he needs help.
2: Do not compare your relationship to your friends, sisters or even your pastors! 
Your partner is unique and you are unique; therefore, you have a unique relationship You must seek to please your partner and no one else.
3: Do not wait for your partner to “deserve” to be helped. 
We should do what is right no matter what others are doing around us . This is very hard lol especially when they have wronged us.
Our strength to be his helper must come from our walk with God. When we stop fighting what God has created us to be – we will find peace and blessing even in the midst of a difficult relationship. 

It is a hard pill to swallow at first because of pride but when you realize how natural it is, it’s a beautiful thing! When you realize this then everything starts falling into place, after all that was said and done i said to her this is all beautiful and makes sense but i cannot be a slave neither a dunce, best believe i got a spanking lol xx


RocNaija said...

And I'll heed your title..

Miss FlyHigh said...

Good write up :) you amaze me everyday bee

Bee said...

lol @ RocNaija
@ Miss FlyHigh thank you, dat means alot x

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