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Wednesday, 8 September 2010


Okay so i have been motivated to write a post tonight due to some facebook pictures ive seen , and its about my fellow ladies who feel the need to constantly show their assets in order to receive male attention.

Ill make it short and snappy.......

Ladies, you may dress seductively/sexy/raunchy and you will get ALL the attention from males.

But you will never earn and possess  true love of their hearts and their respect. 
A real man wants a woman with whom he can have the greatest of affection of heart and with whom he can really give his heart and respect.
If you do not respect yourself, then how can a man respect you.

women need to realize that the standards they have for men can be turned back and used on them also. My point being that you must be what you want. If you want a strong confident man, a woman must be a strong confident woman. There is a book out by a woman stating that women's standards are getting out of hand and they are not getting married. The thing is that they have all the standards for men, but don't even think how they present themsleves. A woman can't win the heart of a man that meet all the standards if she isn't close to those standards herself and that usually includes respecting one's self in your dressing.

Not saying you should start dressing like Virgin Mary, buts lets be decent in our appearance and b respected for the beautfull woman that we are

And the funny thing these ladies are grown ass woman, like c'mon.....
done and dusted lol i told you it would be short x

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RocNaija said...

The irony of this post is in you assuming the women in question actually seek 'true love'...