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Saturday, 1 May 2010

Another one bites the dust.....

Wooo so i read Halle Berry and her boyfriend have split up, I believe this is her third  failed  marriage/relationship, alot of ladies have also been  saying if 'Halle cant keep a man, no one can'. Wow I have heard that quote before and im so over it.. Why is it that just because Halle Berry cant keep a man theres no hope for any other woman?? That has to be the most ignorant statement i’ve ever heard in my life.. Dont get me wrong shes a pretty woman but this is where she becomes over-rated..

*sigh* anotha one bites the dust…welll….she has her daughter, and dats all she needs…so keep doin you Halle…relationships aren’t for everyone, some people are better off alone

Halle Berry and boyfriend reportedly split (Source: Reuters)

I mean to be quite honest, I don’t think Halle Berry keeping a man would be a problem if she would pick men on her level. I never understood why she was attracted to the people she would end up with….or more like the never seemed compatible. David Justice—to—Eric Benett—I didn’t understand Michael Elay until I found out he was a what? English Literature college graduate….. I felt like she should have given herself more time to heal after her divorce. ….Then this Gabriel dude showed up and I was all confused. I wonder why she never liked doctors or lawyers…Michael Misick would have loved Halle, fair enough we dont know what kind of person halle berry is or how it is to live with her or be in a relationship with her….so her relationships dont work out for a reason…and yes she’s pretty but i’m not gonna say if she cant keep a man i cant cuz that is not true at all….she should just focus on herself and her daughter rite now….its ok to not always be in a relationship…..but for some people they have to have one….

Now i obviously don't know on what basis they spilt up, but i heard its because of the age 9 yr age gap....please give me a break didn't you know her age before you  got involved with her in the first place.

halle berry and gabriel aubrey


Nice Anon said...

Don't listen to the media. That is a laughable reason for a break up.

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