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Wednesday, 24 February 2010


HELLLO HELLO HELLO IM BACKK (i really need to stop saying im back lool) but wow it has been a really hectic 2 weeks omygosh its finally over all my party preps :( now there's nothing to look forward to now,mmmm.

It was an amazing time, experience everything i had tooo much fun oh my days, it was incredible.... i would put the pictures here but that is soo long for me to do right about now, but i will share a link of an album or 2 hopefully it works, if not let me know and im gonna have to b forced to upload the pics lol

hugs n kisses xoxo




Femme Lounge said...

awww! couldn't view the pictures, something about privacy settings! anyway, sure you had fun.

Bee said...

aww femme lounge.... ive uploaded a few pics for you to view
hope u like dem xx