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Monday, 15 February 2010

Hello you !!

Hey everybody...wow what a weekend it was pretty eventful
thanks to everyone that wished me  a Happy Birthday... i enjoyed it mwah xx
Friday was a good day ( my birthday) went out to dinner with my girls
Saturday went shopping with 'The Mister' ......
Sunday Valentines day, i liked this year cause it was spent with people I love , we all went out for dinner it was super fun... I don't think Valentines day is or has to be restricted to lovers only, you can share 'Love' with anybody xxx

I have a million and 1 things to do this week, im tired already and i haven't even started :(

no biggie post today as im so tired, ive had like 5 hours sleep in the space of 3 days and ive got to get this assignment done.....during the cause of the week i have some interesting topics to discuss, stay tuned and below are some pictures of my birthday on Friday ( i say this with all humility lol but i totally love my dress)

luv yall xxxxx




1 comment:

RocNaija said...

Really nice shoes you got on there..
So I see you opted for the low calorie cake option then.. :)
Happy b'day in arrears..