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Sunday, 7 February 2010

Who is this 'Nikki Minaj'??

So ive heard  the name 'Nikki Minaj' flying from north east south and west....and i really wanted to know what the deal was about this chic, a lot of people want to know what all the hype is about Nikki Minaj including myself  .... so i googled her and the first thing that came to my mind was 'pornstar' with the description 'quickly advancing newcomer, Young Money signee Nicki Minajnext to it I then youtubed her .....She doesn’t have an album out yet and only is featured on some tracks, yet she’s in high demand.
everytime i see something about her, she’s doing a song with a different artist, she is very dollyish Barbie likeish,   just playing dress up and riding the 15 mins of fame train.
Is this supposed to be a 2010 version of Lil’ Kim....Nikki Minaj is not a rapper i know nothing whatsoever about rap lol but i really don't like her flows ( if that's what its called???, but you get what i mean) 

Apparently Nikki is on everybody tracks because Lil Wayne is paying labels to do it. It’s called promotion. But my question is what is all the hype about her?? why is she on everyone's lips, am i missing something here?? because i don't think she is that good to be honest.... please help me out here  She’s average, her appearance is sub zero...her silly facial expressions when rapping is a cause for concern lol   if you support her either you still wearing coloured weave, big  plastic gold earrings,  or simply your ghetto as hell.

But seriously guys??? what's the deal with her?? i need to know



CerebrallyBusy said...

honestly ehn
if you see the seeeeeerious beef i have in mind for this girl


you would run.

like what in the world??

she cannot rap.

it is very simple.

her rap is mediocre at best.

but then again...
these days, being famous has nothing whatsoever to do with talent.


my opinion of her: overrated pornstar.

seriously why she gotta pose like that??

#ugh i'm so off that.


Bee said...

lol cerebrally busy
i was waiting for someone to come and beef me on here :/ thank God someone feels the same way.....
i just dont get her, i dont understand where she is coming from or where she is going to....

but like you sed being famous has nothing to do with talent... just ask Rhi Rhi lool

Anonymous said...

shes a dirty hoe

Anonymous said...

She bi .. most boys find tht sexyy .. she used to be a butch lesbiann as well .. i knoo cringee muchh ?
Jus sayingg .. her voice is rili annoyingg