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Sunday, 11 April 2010

Some disturbing stuff

I was on Bossip asper usual lol and i came across a really disturbing story, i mean i cant be the only one that thinks this stuff is dodge.....

scott moore

This dude right here has given birth to a baby boy,Scott Moore and his partner, Thomas, were both born as girls and have undergone surgery and hormone treatments to transform their sex.
Scott, 30, is legally married to Thomas, with whom he lives in California, because he still has a female birth certificate.... im not knocking anyone's sexual orientation but come on when a child is involved then its more than what meets the eye, how about the child's future i think this is very selfish, i wont be surprised if the child grows up to be a druggie, or very suicidal... ah like if you want to be gay then be gay just don't bring kids into the deluded twisted equation

This is totally Sodom and Gomorrah live and direct lol,I just don’t get it, you want to be a man, you shun the body god gave you, then you still want the blessings that god gave women to have children…IDK…to each it’s own, but now you have brought a child into the cruel world to take of the burden and for people to judge. It’s not fair to the child…

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