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Sunday, 18 April 2010

Family vs Partner

So ive just had a really bad experience of Family v Partner and im like woah  i thought it only happend in Nollywood movies, but i guess anything can happen in this life...so who is more important  Partner or Family??

No matter what happens, family will be there for you. Although putting your family ahead doesn't literally mean that you cancel time with your guy/girl. Family comes first because those relationships, face it, not many are meant to last. And who will you run back to when he/she ditches you? Your family, right 

Women/ Men  may come and go, in and out of your life, but your family will be there long after they are gone.This is a tough situation. I think it also depends on how long you've been together. Technically, your spouse is supposed to come first ( take note i sed spouse, so this should apply for people who are married)
. You are each other's number one person in life and do almost everything together with them. But if you just started dating (i.e. not even engaged, or less than 2 years together if you don't believe in marriage), then it's just like any other friend and your family comes first.

The best solution is to find balance. You are going to be spending a lot of time with your partner, but your family is always there for you (even if you break up with your significant other) so you should get together and help each other when you need help.

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