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Saturday, 10 April 2010

would you date a shorter guy??

Today is my day, i keep finding interesting stuff to talk about lol so i stumbled upon something new a minute ago, a photo slideshow of famous tall woman/short man  hollywood couples. Included in the feature is Mick Jagger and designer L’Wren Scott, Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupree, and Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. The feature ignites the age-old question:Would you ever date a guy shorter than you?

I always find it interesting that a lot of the men that are the Hollywood heartthrobs are on the short side.  It is an old fashioned notion that the man should be taller, but this notion still seems to be going strong, Women do not date shorter men because they just naturally prefer taller men.

Now this is a very cute picture, despite them looking like siblings lol its not that bad

little and large

little and large

creative and intellectual fulfilments are SO much more important than any of the superficial things.
This is what i feel, a woman is going to make a choice off of her natural preference, her self confidence, (because if she picks a short guy and her friends harass her about it and she does not have enough guts to go with what she likes, not what her friends say) and the pool of men she gets to select from.

If you are a short guy that has issues with being short, odds are the women you meet will have issues with it, too.
Women want to see confidence in a man and if you are not confident or at least able to fake it, she is not going to be interested in you, for the most part, at any height.
Women want to feel secure. Security can be provided with a physical presence, but it can also be provided with attitude and, dare I say it, confidence. I know 6’5” 300lb men that are teddy bears, I know some 5’4” guys that no one would think to mess with.
Women are not marrying height. They are marrying a man they are compatible with, previous requirements being met of course.


Sumptuous said...

First time commenter and this is coz i find the topic personal. I'm 5ft 11in and i've NEVER dated a taller guy. I dunno why myself, one thing i've noticed is that height can be imposing and intimidating but it takes a man who has got self confidence (it's unfakeable) to be comfortable with the height diff and even make jokes about it. Height dont make a man, his character does.

Anonymous said...

i love this coz it relates 2 me im taller dan my man n still wears heels n im very confident at 1st was very shy and didnt want 2 go out, but now i wmbrqace it

Anonymous said...

i can never date a short guy never i just cant sorry

Bee said...

@ scuptuous thanks for taking time to read and comment much appreciated, i feel your comment and i completly agree height dont make a man his character doe defnetly
@ the 2 anomonous thanks both for your coments i personally think its shallow to rule out a guy coz of his height i mean look deeper search within him deres more to a relationship than height

Anonymous said...

naaa i cant do it never
i rate girls dat do it doe

Anonymous said...

its not about the outside its the inside im a guy and i dont mind going for taller woman it dont intimidate or do me anything, all the girls here sayin no never not ever1 is perfect

Anonymous said...

Recently I went out with a guy who turned out to be shorter than me... It bothered me and him at first but then it gradually slipped our minds. Now I look back height should not affect my feelings for anybody, or even his feelings because it just highlighted how insecure he was within himself. What's a tall man with no self-confidence? Because even though he is physically tall, as a recent commenter already said, he would not make you feel secure. And anyway short guys tend to be better lookin. Btw I'm 5''10

Elizabeth said...

Hey...why did you change your layout?

anyways my 1st bf was shorter than me and NONE of my friends met him LOL. I just realised this as I am typing.

my 2nd bf was the same height as me but when I wore heels I was taller but I like flat shoes, so I was always in flats.

I do desire the tall hunky man but I will never trade inner qualities for physical looks. I have a big feeling my husband will be the same height as me *wink*

being a tall girl is hard but I love being tall.

Bee said...

@Elizabeth i got bored of the old one lol.
yh i guess every girls perfect guy would be 6 ft something lol
but its not really wise dismising a guy because of his height something he is not in control of but as we can evidently see from a few comments here some ladies wont and cant do it, i guess everyone is diffrent

thanks for your view guys much appreciated xx

Nice Anon said...

I am only 5'7 on a good day.lol Nah I am 5'7. All I ask for is someone the same height as me. Most guys I know or have dated have been taller than me. The shortest was 5'8 which is perfectly fine with me. No be tallness person go chop!

RocNaija said...

More to the point, will a man date a woman taller than him?

Bee said...

@ rocnaija
thats a good question... so would you???

RocNaija said...

I wouldn't personally..

But then I'm 5' 11, so meeting taller women is a rarity.