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Sunday, 18 April 2010


Hey dude and dudettes,
its been a really eventful Easter holiday, from Hertfordshire to London to Malta to Birmingham, ive been all over the place in 3 weeks and i haven't even started my revision yet, how bad is dat lol...thank God i only have one exam so i can work something out... lord have mercy on my soul, ive had an eventful holiday now its bk to Uni work.

So ive heard about how three people have died this week and it makes me realise that life is to short, our lives are not our own, anything can happen to us at any time seeing a brand you day is a privilege and we need to be great full for every minute we are still alive.



RocNaija said...

So did you delete the second blog you set up then?
Cos I see you've deleted the post referring to it as well..
*scratches head*

or did i dream it?

Bee said...

lool no you didnt dream it
yes i deleted it because i dont know how i thot i would manage two blogs at the same time lol
it will be bk soon, but right now ill stick 2 one