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Thursday, 17 December 2009


Ok so after listening to Alexandar Burkes new single ‘Broken Heels’ I have to say Im soooo annoyed with the song choices she is getting. Regardless if they write their own songs or not, UK artists with soul voices are getting much better choices than her, whats all that about I thought ‘ Bad Boys’ was a one off never to repeat itself thing but then this….. Im confused. Her voice is beautiful and this is what they give her to sing? It sounds like something left of Britney’s album lool…..

I haven’t heard all the tracks on her new album but I do hope this isn’t a representative of what all her music will sound like. The song is annoying and sounds like something you would hear playing in Bluewater whilst doing your Christmas shopping. The video and concept...like we are tired of ' whatever a man can do a girl can do better' kinda thing..... shes got a very beautifull and amazing voice, lets just hope all her other songs arnt like this.

she won the X Factor last year she was doing so many interviews saying how she wants to go down the soul/ R&B route. A year later she comes out with BAD BOYS

If I remember correctly, soul/R&B were the type of songs on X Factor that allowed her to shine and we loved her for it. I really dislike this pop route she’s going down. It does absolutely nothing to show off her voice. I hope she switches this up for her next album and this won’t be representative of her future sound. Plus if she wants to make it BIG outside of the UK they’re going to want a lot more than this. Its much better than bad boys tho, but im trying to understand where she is going with all this.

It’s a thumbs dowm for me luv !!!

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Anonymous said...

Lool .. i kno wat u mean and shes tryn to be too american as well .. amercian footall ?! .. its lykk she aint prouddd of england .. thts wt i think sometyms .. and have u heard "Silence" .. its on her album .. i think its really beautifull x

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=esY96NNdJaQ .. thts the link