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Sunday, 27 December 2009


Ahh lovely blogsville, hope you had a lovely Christmas, i know i did. This year i didnt give any presents nor recieve any and to be honest it felt good, i was thinking earlier today, imagine if you had a massive birthday party and people you invited came even pple you didnt invite also came, and then the whole focus shifts from you and is now on other people that you invited, instead of briniging gifts for you they bring for each other and nobody actually acknowledges you.... sad aye?? thats how the Saviour feels when we forget he is the reason for the season and when we get carried away with turkys and presents and the whole shebang :(

Anyways so theres a puppy in my house, which im really trying to get used to lol, my parents (typical Nigerians) want it out of the house, like they dont understand what a Nigerian boy is doing with a puppy lol, its cute doe....

So im back now, finally got that weave of my head, but now i have to watch what i eat coz the fringe has gone- damn it lol!!

Boxing day sales this year erm.... MEGA WACK!!!!!!!!

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