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Sunday, 27 December 2009

mini rant!!!!

Ok so im guessing everybody has heard about the latest failed terrorist attack carried out by the 'Nigerian guy', ok so i have a major issue right now... like everyone is going crazy simply because his Nigerian, at first i was like ahh nahh disgrace bla bla bla..but like have we all forgotton that he is actually a stern hard core muslim who has links with the al-queda crew, so ........ also why are people and the media not mentioning that the man is also a British citizen?. that this guy was traveling with a British pasport?. Or does it just sound better for the media to label him a Nigerian national instead of a British citizen. 

Obviously like what he did is soo not cool, so wrong so so wrong, people should focus on the incident and not his nationality, his so dumb that he only injured himself and on top of that it failed....wasteman

i bet tiger woods is jumping up and down happy as hell that we aint talking about him, lol sorry it had to be said woooohooooooo :) below is the picture of what the mugg looks like

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab with his mother (file image)

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