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Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Oh No He Didnt....

I really am in the mood for writing i could go on and on but i think ill end at this post, some imature being is writing rubbish in my status saying lol 'im 16 i fancy your man and he fancies me bk' ...... anyhoo dat made me laugh, whoever that is you get ultimate air...

OMG so Tiger Woods is sooo shocking me right now, im so much in shock about his adultreous ways, and i really liked him as well arghh theres me thinking its only one woman...then i hear its seven whole woman, consisting of porn stars, waitresses and bar atenders

Trust me i am upset, he looked so gentle and like someone who would never so such a thing, men are evil they all cheat, just have to pray to God for guidance, i feel so sorry for his wife right now...ooo Gard were are all the real men in this world, even Christians are flopping now a days, its the wives i feel really sorry for

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Anonymous said...

I'm suprised as well he let men dwn not 1 but 7 woman stupid tosser
Dissapointd, not all men cheat, I hope