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Thursday, 17 December 2009


Argghh so ive been looking thru alot of party albums on Facebook lately because im looking for an Ankra style to sew, and in all the albums that ive seen ( apart from shocking pictures of aunties i know jumping from party to party) are pictures of girls that have revolting and gross instaled lace wigs.....Recently i notice that there has been an epidemic of bad lace wigs. This turns people off of wearing them

like come on girls, lace wig is not for everyone, just because you see celebrities wearing it dont mean it look good on you, stick to your weave, and if you have to do lace wig please go to professionals that will install it properly for you and dont get excited because you see£60 lace wig if your gonna install lace wig do it properly and pay the full £200 , tighten up on your lacfront game!!!! Glue hanging out and all, its not cute.EVERYBODY CANT WEAR THEM & EVERY STYLIST CANT DO THEM!!!!


Anonymous said...

hi 10 on this
finalllly some1 with sense has finaly spoken
hi20 infact

alter-ego said...

I agree also. A girl i know had it on sometime back and it only lasted weeks on end so she kept adding more and more glue and then that glue bluks into plastic in the corners, not to mention the colour change once foundation mixed in. Lets just say, she's in a weave/wig, centre parting to hide balded sides.