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Wednesday, 30 December 2009

wow a couple of hour left till the new year, doesnt it annoy you when people say 'New year, New me' like please get over your self you said that last year and the year before and the year before that....like wotevaa....
so ive signed unto fb as usually lol and  at least 10 people have posted this to me on chat

 ' right girls let's have some fun. write the color of the bra you're wearing right now as your status on fb and dont tell the boys. they will be wondering what all the girls are doing with colors as their status. forward this to all the girls online\'..... 

And i go to my homepage and what do i see, diffrent colours on girls status.....welll call me old fashioned or stiff necked but this is what i feel about it.........
1, Its not funny
2. its not actually fun
3.Its not amusing
4.Do you really think guys dont know what your talking about

Several guys have asked me, wassup with female colour status and i pasted them the msg...and in common what they have said  is ' hw would a guy respect u when u aint got no class, some girls need to rethink' SNM!!!!!!

Woah hoahhhh bring on the hate mail :)


Anonymous said...

that is so true its pathetic lol ive recived dem to its like grow up and were r the decent girls, it may have been a joke but its little things like that that i kno for sure turns a guy off

Anonymous said...

hahahahahah its a joke gal nothing serzz

Anonymous said...

loool .. iwas wondering what all the colours were about ..
thts jus sad tbh