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Tuesday, 22 December 2009

So this is somesones status on fb which I really agree with, its from a guy bdw:

Beyonce, makes out like she's some black queen, perfect role model, miss independent, girl- power bull. But all her videos now she has her ass and tits out. What happen to classy women? The days when a girl was a girl not doing short back and sides or selling themselves cheap. We have to pick wives outta this bunch, may God help us lol. Classy women stand up.


well to be honest im no hater and miss b does her thing but to consider her a role model no!!!! sometimes when i see her in videos i wonder what she is really like in person she seems so humble on interviews but if you need to make up an alter-ego im inclined to think that that is the real you and the interviews are all an act! in her videos she’s basically teaching the kids how to be burlesque dancers and definitely how to work the pole. no good!!! entertainer is all that she is and beauty comes from within and shines out not through provocative ness. you are beautiful with your clothes on and young ladies look to your parents and POSITIVE people as role models, entertainers puts up facades!!!!

Beyonce Knowles could not help feel flattered after being told by the First Lady Michelle Obama that she was a role model for her daughters.


Beyonce is a great entertainer, and business woman, but role model for little girls is a stretch. I would agree she is a great role model for other female entertainers and business women, because she has created an international brand,  in one breath she's singing "Halo", and "Flaws and All", and in the next she's poppin her crotch, and slow winding her behind half-dressed on the screen singing "Video Phone". I wonder if they'll let Sasha and Malia grind to the new "Video Phone" song she has where she's asking "Do u wanna see me naked?". That comment the First Lady made to her should have been kept on the DL because I am not impressed. I enjoy her because  I am mature enough to understand the 2 sides to her , but little girls and boys won't. So hopefully there are certain songs and images of Beyonce that are filtered for the little ladies!

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