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Monday, 28 December 2009

is there anythin wrong with guys wearin Ugg boots ....

I went out today and i saw some guy wearing Uggs and coincidentally its someone's status ryt now on fb  and you know what he made it look perfectly normal to wear lol, I think it totally depends on the guy. This isnt my first time seeing guys wearing Ugg boots  I've seen some cool guys wearing them and they look good but also I've seen some less attractive guys who look a bit stupid!

I cant understand the fuss over guys who wear ugg boots? theyre only shoes- and look great on them, as they do girls.BDW Uggs are unisex so its kool :)

I love seeing guys wearing Uggs , its daring and diffrent especially the black or dark brown ones they look so good on them. topman from what ive seen do a good selection ... the best look ive seen is when u see a guy in a pair of dark brown/black uggs, dark blue jeans and a nice collard cardy or something like that.. such a lovely look.


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