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Thursday, 7 January 2010


I find it so funny that the majority of guys these days are so stoosh and have strayed so far from the term'gentle man' and when they see a guy who is gentle they think hes chich or feminine well excuse mst girls like a gentle man nt a guy so far up his own.... You get it (facebook status)

 I wholeheartedly agree that "Nice guy" does not automatically equal "groveling pushover" however It's entirely possible to treat women nice while having a strong sense of self pride and inner strength. Unfortunately , this is a rarity in both sexes.

 The problem I've noticed  with "nice" guys is that "nice" is too often a cover word for "insecure" or "indecisive," both of which are qualities that get OLD when you're trying to be in a relationship with them.
moat females  don't like nice guys because they are boring and predictable.

Bottom line: be nice, sure, but be strong and not a groveling pussy. That's the way to go.
Being nice and being passive aren't always the same thing.
 Women respond to a men who have manners but also has balls to disagree and to give her a hard telling off once in a while when she crosses the line

. You don't have to be a total mugg to get chicks you just have to act like MAN. Anybody can be nice. But I know just like all should know that all men and women are different, so not every woman goes for bad boys. Plus even a nice guy can be bad. 

Hey maybe my thinking is rigid, but thats just how i feel towards it, if you act like a slapped up mugg all in the name of being nice your woman will lose upmost respect for you, it may not be face to face, it mayb behind you when having their little girly meetings......


RocNaija said...

Ever heard the saying "Chivalry is dead, and women killed it."?!

Anonymous said...

so tru thoo ..
im nt gna b going after a man thts a pussy ..
but u tlked the absolute truth there

DaMention said...

its gd to have a balance and also apply wisdom...not every personality is the same and not every relation and yh if a guy is too soft he will be a push over simple but also some gurls are so shook of their man it becomes a bait Master and Servant relationship...thats what i see alot these days...But yeh every relationship is differnt its hard to make a generic statement