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Friday, 15 January 2010

Long distance relationships

Long distances relationships can come around in a number of ways. Maybe you met your partner and started dating them when they moved away to university or a new job, maybe you met them at university and in the holidays they go home or maybe you have always been apart. Whatever the case may be having a partner who isn’t near you most of the time is hard.
I'm a firm believer that if both of you really want this to happen, you'll find a way.

it also depends on how you love and trust each other. if both of you have this i think it will work.
I think LDR can last long time if you love and trust each other. But then when the communication skills and trust start to waver, you will suffer for the distance, and it will be difficult to build a future together. Try to meet sometimes,if its a very long distance between you try every few months, or more often if you have money. And stay in contact, thank to technology : skype, msn, emails, facebook...

There are ways in which you can make LDR's work....

When you are seperated by distance , sometimes people change...ever so slightly And if too long of a time goes by , too much changing can occur . To the point where you both have changed so much over a period of time that one of you might have different needs.

That is usually one of the pitfalls of an LDR.

The best therapy is to SEE eachother as often as its possible to do. So one of the persons does not change to the point that they don't need you in their life the way they used to. 

I think LDR's are hard on everyone. Anyone that says its easy is not being truthful.

on the flipside......

 long distance relationships may not work, especially if the couple stays apart for long periods of time. Feelings are like anything, they are born then they die at one point sometimes sudden death. Suddenly, you find yourself out of love with your partner or vice versa

 If its not another woman / man that will attract you were ever you are  ( there are lots of those), then its the commitment you put in and the anxiety that you will cause yourself when you think about your partner. Things like are they  being faithful? Can I commit? can I do better? What's the point? Be a realist, if you like them but don't want the pressure then break up and attempt to keep the friendship. 

Ive even hear people say that LDRs only satisfy commitment phobic individuals that deep down do not desire a real relationship lol. 

Thanks to my girl Olamide Fassasi for giving me the idea to write about this xx


Anonymous said...

Im in a long distant relationship .. its soo hardd but then we are as strong as ever .. I miss my boo :(

Bee said...

aww bless you... its nt gonna be easy but if you love him dat much to go ahead with it, im sure you cn stick it to the end....communication n trust is very key xx

Miss FlyHigh - LondonsNaijaQueen said...

I'm in a LDR and we argued so many times last time we saw eachother but I love him to bits and tbh I don't think anyone can take his place I've met so many guys recently all better off than he is too...But I love him