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Saturday, 2 January 2010

love knows no bounds xx

Happy New year Blogville......
hope you had a smashing lead into the New Year, i know i did!!

Its the beginning of a New Year and already ive learnt something new about myself, which im proud of, ive also learnt some new things as well. I really dont believe in New Years Resolutions....however i do believe in setting goals and targets.

Love knows no bounds: When i was younger if anybody said that to me i would have laughed in their face, but i thank God because i have matured and wisend up.....

I belive that TRUE and SINCERE love knows no bounds, It means there are no boundaries-race, gender, location, culture, everything. It means no matter the differences, there is still love,  that the artificial barriers we put onto love (age, race, gender, financial situation, distance) are meaningless to the deep and spiritual emotions that true love brings,

 it means love doesnt discriminate. it pays no attention to society rules. like love of a different race, or you love someone way older or younger than you. or your in love with a cousin and cant help it. it means love can happen regardless of the situation. for example, i have a secret crush on someone 20 years younger than me. society dictates this is wrong, disgusting, and improper (erm yh dat was an example bdw lol). 

When people say they love each other there are always conditions on that kind of love.It is not unconditional love because it is known with boundaries atattched to it that threaten it.It is fragile and changeable..so it is bound by conditions that we impose on it. True love is not fragile,bound by the conditions we put on it or changeable and that's what makes love beautiful xxx

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someones in luv oioi