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Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Up close and Personalllll

Hello beautifull Ladies and Georgeous Gents,
hows the new week going so far..... the snow here in London is getting out of hand, before it was so pretty and pure and cute...but now EURGHH its all black and watery and muddy and so uncool.....
anyway so i had my first proper lecture today, and its good to be back...got feedback from all the tests and coursework i did prior to the Christmas break and i did so good, i cant believe it.... clap for me lol
Between now and mid Febuary i have a million and 1 things to hold down, Lord give me strength.....

I just want to share something with my sisters and brothers in the faith...this week i have been beliving God to do something for me, and I kinda put God to the test and i was like 'God if you do this for me on this day at this point in time, trust me ill give you this' i was proper praising and calling his names from A-Z and constantly worshipping ( not to say i dont usually do this, but it was more exagerrated because i wanted this particular thing) .....and to my suprise i didnt recive it.

I was kinda upset about it, but then something came to me  whilst i was in deep thought which was, why did i need to exaggerate my praise and worship because i wanted God to give me something, why cant everyday be a day of exaggerated Praise and Worship..after all that is what i was created to do, who knows maybe thats why i havent recived it yet, whose to say i wouldn't go back to my old ways when i receive what i requested, Gods not man he cannot be mocked.

 hmmm Food for Thought!!

So ive recived quite a few messages from people suggesting some topics that they would love me to write about, first of all thank you so much for taking time to read my blog i sooo appreciate it, secondly thanks for the suggestions i will defnetly get round to writting about it, and thirdly if you have any suggestions improvments, things you would love to see on here dont hesitiate to let me know...ill be more than happy to do that for you

love yall xxxxx

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