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Saturday, 9 January 2010

Looks V Personality

When it comes to the rules of attraction we all appreciate different things. So what's more important to you - looks or personality?

Personality is important and alot further up my list thats for sure heck why would you want to spend time with someone if you cant have a decent conversation its not like you can spend the hours of a date just looking at eachother.

But we are all different and we all have qaulitys that others dont but thats just life if we were all same would'nt it be as dull as hell.

I am not denying that looks help but ive found very few men that are really pleasing to look at with amazing personalities this also relates to females, thats not to say they arent out there.

Regardless of your appearance, the most attractive thing you can offer others is the ability to relax and be yourself. If you're looking for more than just a friendship then think about the kind of signals you're giving out. It's basically about communicating your interests clearly

Looks are what catches the guy or girls eye first and the personality keeps them attracted. I think that personality wins hands down. Looks dont last forever, its the personality that stays with you. Focus more on the personality because its what keeps the girl or guy and it makes for a long relationship.

Thats not to say discard  every good looking person that comes your way lol, dont be naive and Don't let the Disney Channel and the Hallmark cards lead you astray. Guy or girl, looks do matter up to an extent. people might not admit it for fear of sounding shallow, but it's true. It's definetly true that personality matters, but for everyone there's a minimum sex appeal required.

but the whole looks vs. personality thing
you don't want the best looking guy on earth but has a crappy personality.
& you don't want the guy with the best personality on earth but you can't stand to look at him. you kind of want to find a balance between both.


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Anonymous said...

Loool Bukky .. u would put tht picture up lool ..
but it evens better wen the person is beautiful inside out .. Im lucky :)