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Saturday, 16 January 2010

Can guy and Girls really be friends??

I always thought it was possible, I had quite a few male friends at high school,at the time it seemed like a normal friendship, but after a few years I had a luck to find out some of them had a secret crush on me and that totally spoiled our relationship.. 

but suprisingly I've also had some male friends after high school, but sooner or later it proved that there can be such thing as a pure friendship between a girl and a boy.. 

its a Yes and no kinda situation, If there is no attraction to each other then yes, but if one or the other has some attraction then it may cause some problems in the friendship.

And no because one individual will always have stronger feelings about the 'friendship' than the other person. It's that extra feeling that will always get in the way.

I also think its  about knowing your boundries, if your a hi bye person then yh it can work, but when the freindship begins to develop into late night calls, speaking every single minute, letting the person in to alot of things then something is bound to happen.

What is suprising that while we (girls) tend to think girls and boys can be just friends, boys usually think the oposite! Try to ask around.. I think it tells a lot

I asked one of my girls and this is what she had to say: Yeh, boys & girls can be good friends. One of my best friends is a guy & nothing has ever happened or will because we dont fancy each other simple as. Of course it does occasionally happen that one person likes the other but you can still be friends as long as boundaries are known.

yes and no.......I dont know, i was about to be like everyone else and just say yes of course duh they can just be friends. but than i acuatlly thought about it, i really am not to sure anymore. i feel like someone always wants something else. i dont really know...its a  good question maybe it works only if they're not interested in each other, but i have male friend and we are pretty close and nothing has occoured or can ever happen lol.

What is your experience with this?
p.s i love that picture, it may be irrelevant to the post but yh lol .......


RocNaija said...

There's just something about a man kissing a woman's forehead..

Bee said...

which is lol????

CerebrallyBusy said...

i actually have more male friends than female ones oooo

and im pretty confident they dont have crushes on me :)

soooo yeah, guys and girls can be friends :)

Anonymous said...

@ cerebrally busy...
dats good, but it doesnt work like dat all the time :)

Miss FlyHigh - LondonsNaijaQueen said...

hahaha @RocNaija so your alive ?? Good to see boss ..and yes the day my forehead got kissed it was an amazing feeling :-)

@Bee Yeah some guys can be friends some can't. simple as that, depends ob both individuals tbh. Plus I htink maturity comes into it. Some girls are not so mature so they see the opposite sex as 'oh my gosh a guy' a guy to them is just somone who can be a boyfriend though they won't admit it. On the other hand some ladies see guys just as they see ladies ... humans simple and potential to be friends. I have a few male friends and some like me some don't but I know how to set boundaries and at times it's just that they like your qualities and not that they want to 'bang' mind my French.

Love ur blog!

Bee said...

@ Miss fly high
lol i love your comment
100% truth xx