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Tuesday, 12 January 2010

white woman pimping a black man

I know this issue has been going on for a couple of months now,  but the latest scandal involving him and a white woman.... i dont blame her shes clever his dumb, this is just Another white girl who will “come up” at the hands of a wealthy black man who can’t keep his vows straight nor his piece in his pants. The black man loves being exploited by white women but I bet he htinks he’s the one with the upper hand! he is looking so dumb right about now, from law suits to his mistress dealing with another NBA idiot

Shaq is stupid and is really getting me annoyed, first Tiger now Shaq... who next???
, why would he help some  random woman so she can gain fame? i really hate to bring race into this, but its a pattern that ii have been noticing with all these white women, alll they do is use black men. They will sleep with a black men and use him as a toy, if the black man has money then they might consider giving him a kid or two, then after a few years of marriage they file for divorce and collect their money and keep it moving……IT HAPPENS ALL OF THE TIME AND THESE BLACK MALE  STILL FALL FOR IT. pathetic.

Black men can be soo dumb at times they get caught up with these white chicks that would not even talk to them if it was not for there sports. 

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