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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Katia dumps Basshunter '

The 21-year-old Russian model, who had a boyfriend when she entered the house, told the musician: 'I was thinking we need to stop this thing because it's not worth it in the end, and we're more friends anyway.

'Before it gets out of hand. I know I'll regret it because I really care about someone, and it's not worth it.'

But the former cocktail waitress later told former footballer Vinnie Jones that she ended it because she thought Jonas was 'too clingy' and his behaviour 'put me off'.

All my CBB watchers.... errm, i dont get it.  all like 'oh, i've got a boyfriend, i cant kiss you, oh boohoo' then the next minute shes snogging his face off. and jonas is the 'clingy' one?

This girl is unbelievable! She was the one making most of the moves on Jonas. She was only in the house 5 minutes and was already flirtatiously asking if she could wear his jacket, followed by that annoying dorky laugh of hers. She's a vile home-wrecking tramp who should enjoy her last few days in the house because her ass is gonna be out of there before you can say 'Ronnie Wood'.

i feel sorry for jonas, he was serious with her. she was playing with him all the time katia is so immature,she already has a bf, but she still started this silly game,and now dumped him.

I was open to liking Katia the first few days but she has shown what a totally selfish immature insecure irritating and cold person she truly is...she has played about with Jonas bitching behind his back to others about him and she has made no effort to get to know the older people in the house, she sits around doing nothing at all and frankly she has wasted any opportunity in there to show the public that she has anything at all to give and make her worthy of being in the public eye...she truly is an orchid as Stephanie says and I hope so much that the magazines will not fill any of thier pages with this waste of time person...I hope she is voted out and that it is the last we hear of her..


RocNaija said...

Lol.. Can't believe she's even called a celeb sef.

Anonymous said...

she annoys me big time

Bee said...

tell me about it, totally annoyiong