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Friday, 15 January 2010

Pat Robertson:Haiti had a pact with the devil

Alot of hate and controversy is flying about concerning what Pat Robertson said is the cause of the Haiti disaster, he said that the earthquake happened because the Haitians made a pact with the Devil in order to gain freedom from the French:

Either way…..We need to extend help. Those people weren’t alive when the ‘pact’ happend, i rember a couple years back we learnt bout the Haiti people in Geography  and my teacher said that Haiti really wanted to win the war against the French and end captivity for good. Voodoo was done which included an animal sacrifce, and according to her, Haiti has been paying for this ever since. This is why they can never get ahead. There are people there who still practice Voodoo, and the people who have converted to Christianity are still afraid and superstitious of it.

I would certainly hope that  Robertson's comments would not be misconstrued as the feelings of all christians. We feel that what happened in Haiti is tragic along with being aware that many haitians do practice voodoo and other acts of the devil, but not all are that way. There are many christian haitians in that country. We pray for the people of Haiti to recover and find some solace in the devestating events that their country has suffered. 

Do some research and you’ll find out. BUT just becuase of that doesnt mean we shouldnt help. So people whatever you can do make an effort to help!!!!!!! And pray!!!

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