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Friday, 15 January 2010

Leona caught in Gun Drama

Last night, Leona and her posse were on their way to LAX. As they were exiting their car, two armed criminals came charging at them, as they were fleeing from police following a high speed chase.
I cant help but laugh lool.... obviously not at the incident but at the fact that trouble seems to have no problem finding this chick.

First she gets punched up at her own books signig

then she fall of her horse
now thiss lol

Poor poor thing

Shaken: Leona Lewis just hours after the frightening chase in LA


RocNaija said...

She's lost a huge amount of weight though.. Sheesh!!

Bee said...

yh she has lol bless her

Miss FlyHigh - LondonsNaijaQueen said...

more than HUGE...I was just about to say that aint her ..wow ..

Bee said...

ino.... she shud just stop dere