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Sunday, 8 November 2009

Who Can't Sing The Most Entertainingly Factor rant

Trust me, it seems like Jedward are going to win....... Xfactor has gone bonkerssssssss
Ok so first and formost the Black Eyed Peas perform. This is unremarkable incredible performance, Fergies vocals were on point,  got that tune stuck in me ead naw!!!! it was wicked apart from Fergie  descending onto the stage on a giant letter C lol, and the usual awkward interview with Dermot. Just stop that. Stop it. No one comes out of it well.

Ok so Leonas performance, she is so sweet i love her bless her heart, she was great as welll.

Now to the annoying part, The show ends with a gracious departure from Lucie and understandable bitterness from Dannii....... well im not really suprised because since the beginning of the show, it has been really deemed as fixed and biased and rigged...woteva you would like to call it, i just dont understand how certain things work. 

The public obviously love Jedward  since they are where they are today, and its even clear because Simon left it to the  public vote..... so i dont know why people are fuming and cussing and insulting Simon and Jedward (ok im starting contradict now)...but what im trying to say is ..NO i dont like the fact that certain people have gone while certain people have stayed, but people should stop insulting Jedward... its not their fault people vote for them.

If you want someone to win pick up the damn fone and vote for them your selves........ ** Sigh**

And does of you saying you wont watch X factor any more, your lying to yourself......

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Anonymous said...

Loool .. so truu abt themm not watchn x-factoor agen .. lool .. they lied hardd :P