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Saturday, 7 November 2009


No, I Haven't forgot about you guys lol..
First off here's a BIG Hello to all my new & old followers! :) I haven't been in tune with my blog lately due to this busy week of mine but I plan to revamp the site. I plan to talk less about celebrities now I hope u all are enjoying yourself just as much as i have been enjoying me (or trying to):)
I love you all. No seriously. I never thought many people would care about what I think or have to say. I thought my followers were nameless people who "follow to be followed".

I'm glad I worked out the whole "won't let me comment" thing...
This is my baby && I'm glad I can share her with y'all.

I am feeling me at the moment. Not in the crazy sexy cool sense at this time. So much has happened in around me. I am simply trying to find my way and my place in the thing we called life.

Im about to do something thaat will suprise someone but its for my best intrest, but i couldnt care less really because im doing this for my own good, ill keep you all updated trust me on that lol.....

Thinking of going to see the firework display later on tonight, ive got soo much coursework to do, dont even know where to start.... but trust me i shall be back to talk about Xfactor...
watch this space xxxxx

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