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Monday, 16 November 2009

Madona wanted to be in what???

Ladies and Gents (if there are any gents that read this lol) its been a while ino, its not easy all this Uni work, been busy busy busy, but God help us alll,

Ok so i recently posted something on the movie 'Precious' and ever since then ive been following it up because im really excited to watch it (NEXT YEAR KMT) anyway, so i found out that Madonna was meant to be in this movie as well, haha like what the hell???

Madonna has no business in film…like none, and nobody bring up Evita because it was minimal acting and all singing.
Thank God Madonna did not get to touch this movie……….i probably would not want to see it if she did, and thats real.
Madonna may have won a Golden Globe, but she is no Streisand when it comes to making films. I don't think she would have understood the sensibilities of the characters in this movie

Madonna barely became a credible singer after 25 years. (She is a fine dancer, though.)

She has plenty to spend, but, please, all her attempts at becoming a credible actress have been for naught

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