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Saturday, 21 November 2009

Ladies know your worth

Someone was telling me about some girl that I know who has become wild and has been labelled with the term ‘First Degree Hoe’….. when I heard this I wasn’t to shocked, not because I thought she was a hoe but because I knew she suffered from Low self Esteem and Insecurities and I knew that when she got to Uni she would definitely head down that way…that’s not to say that girls dat suffer from low self esteem will head down that road, but because I actually know this girl inside out.

I know a lot of girls that are very insecure, we all face insecurities no matter how strong we are, everyone has an insecurity its just how we deal with it that makes it different, Insecurity is a sense of feeling worthless, where you condemn yourself so badly and find it hard to accept when good comes your way it also gives you low self esteem

Ladies who do suffer from low self esteem and go off and do stupid things or condemn yourself, please stop You are so beautiful! Not only are you beautiful but you have the ability to be talented and gifted by God.

Hold your head up and know that you are loved and appreciated. Don't give people any place to cause you to have low self-esteem or doubt. You are indeed fearfully and wonderfully made. Just remember that the words you speak from your mouth determine your outcome, your thoughts design your outcomes. Why not speak good and positive things over your life?
Learn to love who He has made you. There is no one like you.

Guys like a challenge, they like the whole idea of pursuing a girl.  they may not like being rejected, but being able to walk all over a girl is way worse. Respect yourself if you want to be loved. Guys wont love someone they don’t respect.


Anonymous said...

i love you so much thanks for this

Anonymous said...

very encouraging

Anonymous said...

hi 10 ur amazing dude xxx