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Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Video Phone

Beyonces new song Video Phone is really really pissing me off, the married woman is gyrating around looking like some loose hoe, she needs to behave herself man put some clothes on and do positive decent songs, her voice is more than beautifull and shes using it on rubbish like this....

Sorry isnt this the same Beyonce that did Nasty Girl with D.C insulting girls who dont dress properly ....like look who is talking, argh shes getting on my nerves as i type.

I actually am a fan of Beyonce, but corrupting young girls to sell a few extra records is nothing short of hypocrisy, Shouldn't she be telling young girls not to tape themselves on their video phones kmtt!! She looks like a total slut. She danced like a pole stripper the entire time.
She has countless girls that look up to her, is she teaching them to be whores?

Oo and Gaga needs to get out that video, she looks odd what is she doing, looks like she's on flippin Crack.... there wasn't even a flipping telephone in the video.

Peep the video below



Anonymous said...

haha your funny gal

Anonymous said...

lol this is funny but tru

Anonymous said...

she is sex on legs
gaga looks like a tranny