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Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Men can cry there is no rule that man should'nt cry

Man Crying

I have come to the conclusion that Men can cry nearly as much as women. Men can cry when someone dies, they can cry if they are hurt,  they can even cry when a movie is sad. The only time we don't accept men crying, is when it is to their own advantage, to try and save a relationship, to manipulate or to hurt a woman.
 If a man cries from genuine emotion, love and keep that man, cause he will love you for evermore It's good to be in touch of your feelings and by showing emotion it shows you care

But try not be a REAL MOIST WASTEMAN It depends oh why he's crying and where. I personally think it is pathetic-like, but some girls think it's sweet. It really does depend, though. If a girl wouldn't cry about it, then a guy shouldn't. But like if someone died or something bad like that, then I think that would be cool. if your crying over spilt milk, your a loser She will not respect you. She will say she will, but inside, she will lose respect for you. 
(this is only if its over minor things, so don't worry guys lol)

You have to install confidence in a woman, to make her feel special and protected. Don't cry over pathetic things, or if she has decide to break up with you, as long as it's not because him and his girlfriend are fighting. that's annoying ,that man probably wears thongs.

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