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Monday, 2 November 2009

Should Woman Pay for dates at all??

Traditionally society suggests that the man not only initiate a date, but pays for it as well. But is it really fair for a man to pay all the time, if both of you are profiting from the date?

So a really intresting topic, I saw someones status last night sayin' 95% of the time a guy should pay for the date' hmm so I waited for people to comment and all the girls where in agreement and all the guyz disagreed!!!

Is this true, or are the guys  who disagree just cheap and stoosh??. I've read a couple of posts and artcles on this issue and the majority said, whoever asked for the date should be the one to pay, whilst some said ladies should never pay its the guys duty while it is the duty of the woman to love lool.

I agree that whoever calls the shots should pay but wen one party always askes to go out then it may become a problem.

It is a bit of a silly debate actually but I'm really intrigued with peoples responce to this topic.

The noble thing for the asker to do is at least look after the bill.

Obviously on the first date I belive the guy should pay, but when your getting deep into a relationship the issue of payin shud be a very trival thing, A person's age and the nature of the relationship might also possibly influence the thoughts about who pays.

It is very tradional and old fashion ' men must pay for dates' , 'men should open doors' etc... But we are in the 21st century these things seize to exist now. Back in the day woman didnt have jobs they were house wives so it was acceptable for a man to pay for her, but now a days most woman earn more than men.

What do you all think bout this??


Anonymous said...

erm....depends on how many times they've been with dat person.i.e if like da third or fourth time dey offer 2 pay.however if it's da first day i fink da guy shuld pay....it jus seems rite.at the let da guy b a gentleman

Anonymous said...

dats whjat she said, after a few times you can deivide the cost, it dont have to me on the man all the time, it isnt fair, and when you have grown in a realtionship the issue of cost dont matter like she also said
i dont agree that it is whoever calls the shots because like u said one party may just be doing it more you can split it half way maybe the guy can pay for the tickets and the guy pay for the dinner init
but really good post well done

Anonymous said...

welll i believe a man should initially pay for dates. But that doesnt mean a girl cannot contribute to lil things e.g. guy pays for cinema tickets and the gurl could pay for the food.
I do believe a guy should impresss and show hes a gentleman cz it shows he values the girl...especially cz will neva relly spend moneey on a gurl unless hes got good intentions.

Down the line i think gurls can tke over and pay sometimes..both efforts go a long way :)

Anonymous said...

I love yooooh

Number 1 fan lol

Anonymous said...