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Saturday, 28 November 2009


Rhianna is actually a fashionista in her own right, if anyone begs to differ then i dont know where your looking, i just stumbled upon some recent pictures of her, she is actually hott, only her can pull anything off, i am aware that alot of londoners despise her taste in fashion...but i just love it, the way shes rocking that red lipstick gettin me envious lol, but wassup with the spikes she defnetly wasnt looking forward to any huggs lol

she's obviously got a very on-trend stylist who's doing her best to up Rihanna's fashion-ante but you've got to respect the girl for being so adventurous and actually managing to pull off these catwalk looks...well most of them

 Rhianna at he NYC album release party

rihanna givenchy paris fashion week 12

Paris Fashion Week


American Music Awards 09

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