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Sunday, 8 November 2009

Ok a day late but here goes... Xfactor reviews of last night

The judges take to the stage to the theme from Star Wars and I have to say, Dannii looks absolutely stunning in that Princess Leia style dress.... Cheryl=Boring

I felt that Lloyd and the twins were the weakest this week but as we all know this is not always reflected in the voting. I feel the anti- establishment voters are voting for JEDWARD to upset the apple cart. Danyl was note perfect and I agree with cheryl that he has now got the right balance (although I always thought that cockiness was a prerequisite to becoming a performer so why try and knock it out of Danyl). While olly's song was an easy choice for him, he did it justice, again note perfect and great dancing with a bit of thriller SO WHAT? it was good.

Stacey again good singing but she seemed uncomfortable. I did not agree with the judges on Jamie's performance it showed his weak side. While he was good at the loud punchy parts of the song, the lower keys and lead up was ordinary and not exactly note perfect. Joe is a darling and he has the most genuine smile which goes all the way to his eyes. (must say I did not like the comment that Simon Cowell made a few weeks ago regarding videos of Joe when he was younger and just slightly heavier but still lovely I might add. Simon recommended on the show that he burn them. What message is this giving out to Joe and other impressionable teenagers? Joe as always note perfect and the song originated in musical theatre so therefore chances are it will sound musical theatre (not rocket science Louie). Joe sang it well but I felt that Danni could have given Joe a more challenging song as he has proven that has a good vocal range and can handle key changes etc. The song choice for Lucie suited her although I think that she suits Rock chick more.

Generally I think that a lot of the public comments on the acts are either "oh such and such is wonderful" or " they are rubbish" but the middle ground is missing. There is a lack of subjectively thought out criticism. I wonder do any of these so called critics have a singing voice, musical ear or even attempted to stand on a stage. If so this would enable them to have an empathetic ear and aid their judgement of those who do.

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