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Thursday, 5 November 2009

You cant help but Love Him!!

I love Chuck Bass, like how hotttt can he get? especially for a white dude ( thats not racist by the way, just my opininon :) )

i dedicate this post to him ..........Even that name—“Chuck Bass” is so sexy… and he is from Hertfordshire oo lalaaa its, does eyes.....

Chuck’s Wikipedia background:

"Charles Bartholomew Bass was born to the late Bartholomew "Bart" Bass, a self-made billionaire who owns the New York Palace Hotel, where Chuck resides. Both of his parents are now deceased, as of It's a Wonderful Lie, leaving Chuck with only his step-family, the van der Woodsens and uncle, Jack Bass. Chuck attends the prestigious St. Jude's School for Boys with long-time best friend Nate Archibald. He is the resident bad boy of the Upper East Side, originally portrayed as a Casanova type. After sleeping with Blair Waldorf in Victor, Victrola, he has taken on a softer side, and is often shown to be nearly monogamous in light of his love for Blair. He is the male version of Blair when it comes to manipulation and revenge, the two often coming together to form cruel and sometimes elaborate plans for vengeance and self-gain. Fan-favorites, they have proven to be the sharpest, wittiest characters on the show, and are thus often described as equals. In the second season, Chuck reveals to Dan Humphrey that his mother died giving birth to him. With the tragic death of his father, Chuck has essentially come full circle in his character development, now the same dangerous lothario he was introduced as at the start of the show."

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Anonymous said...

Bukky OMMMMG he is so damn sexy, i thot i was the only one dat had a crush on him.... oh im of to fantasize