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Wednesday, 25 November 2009

HEY Blogvilleeeee, its been a while i kno, things are getting pretty  serious and tedious at the moment with coursework and all...hope everyones been well.. so i finally got that winter jacket i was looking for, its not the 'Hott' one i thought i would find but i couldnt be bothered to keep looking and im getting cold so yh i settled for some plain thing lol

Toda y was privelledged to attend a 'Vintage Fashion Show' near Tower Hamlets, to my suprise it was really good, it was obviously wierd because i have never really got the whole 'vintage style', but it was good to see it for myself this isobviously my first time at a proper fashion show and it was really cool, i sat there with my legs crossed proper watching the models go past,  the whole process was exciting, had to dress up wear some heels make up...just look good basically...i loved it all, theres me thinking it was a wierd way of dressing not knowing The vogue for vintage clothes attracts fashionistas, stylists, models, fashion students, collectors and costume designers for stage and film. Top designers and celebrities can often be spotted amongst the crowds searching for one-off fashion finds, unfortunetly  i didnt see any :(
 80s draped shoulder jersey military jacket.


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