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Wednesday, 4 November 2009


Ok so im not one to sit down and start judging or analysing secular artists, but Rhianna is just getting worst by the minute, some of her songs are being leaked from her forth coming album.

Her second single ‘ Wait your turn, the wait is over’ sounds too dodgy, I heard the song watched the video and read the lyrics……. In her video there are scenes of her in a church singing ‘ the wait is over’, siting on angels wings and talking about taking over?? I also feel like there is to much masion imagery...

                              DENOTATION, CONNOTATION GUYZ!!!!!!
If you haven't already seen it or heard it, check it out below and post your views on it.

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Anonymous said...

i am your stalker lol
1st comment yay!!!!!
dis bitch is retarded n possesed u dnt need no TD Jakes for you to realise.... its there in black n white (literally lol)